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    CS4 to CS6 upgrade?


      I don't think there's anything that can be done at this point, but I figured I'd post anyway since calling in didn't help.


      I bought CS4 2 years ago after considering it for a while because I had heard it was the best imaging program and I wanted to finally try it, even though I'm only a hobbyist. I ended up really loving it and using it a lot. Back in February, I saw a lot of articles online talking about how CS6 was coming out in a few months, how it was a really big improvement over 5, and really worth switching over. So I started thinking about upgrading. One of the articles I saw explained how if you buy the newest version of Photoshop shortly before the next version comes out, you can then upgrade to the current version for free. Although I certainly didn't need CS5 right away because CS6 was supposed to come out in a few months, thought it might be interesting to see the differences between it and CS6 (when it finally came out) and I was curious about the content aware scale tool. So I went to the Adobe website, to find out more about the "complimentary upgrade", as it was phrased on the Adobe website. The  page on adobe.com explained how it worked, but it didn't have any information on CS6, dates, or how close to the release you had to be to qualify- It said you should contact customer service with your registration number and they could tell you.


      So I logged onto the Customer Service/ Sales chat on Adobe.com so I could ask. I told the support agent that I had CS4, was interested in upgrading to CS6 which was coming out soon, and that I wanted to know more about how the complimentary upgrade worked, and if it was in effect yet because the Adobe website didn't have any information. The Adobe agent told me that if I upgraded now, I would be eligible for the complimentary upgrade when CS6 was released, and that in fact, it would be better for me to upgrade now instead of waiting, because they currently had a promotion where there was a 20% discount on upgrading, and that if I waited until CS6 came out I would have to pay more for an upgrade. I asked them straight out if I should upgrade at that time, and they said yes. So I thanked the customer service person, and went ahead and bought an upgrade package the next day.


      A few weeks later, I went onto Adobe.com to see if there was any new information on CS6, since I had seen even more articles and was really excited. I found out at that point that the customer service agent lied to me, and that the upgrade I bought on March 1st was not eligible for an upgrade to CS6 unless I paid another $200 on top of the $150 I paid a few weeks before. And no, I didn't screencap the chat, which apparently I was supposed to- why would I have? It never even crossed my mind that a Adobe employee would flat out lie to me, which I guess what a stupid assumption on my part. But there is absolutely no logical reason I would have chosen to upgrade to CS5 2 months before CS6 would be out instead of just waiting, unless that Adobe sales representative had told me to not to worry, that I was eligible for a complimentary upgrade to CS6 and to go ahead and upgrade now with this "special discount". Everybody knew that it was coming, and there was even an announcement assuring people that you would still be able to upgrade straight to 6 even if you didn't have CS5 yet. I understand that a sales agent job is to make you buy the product, but I think it's horrible and unprofessional to lie to people to make a sale. I also wonder how many other customers were tricked like me in the hopes of making more money.


      When I called in customer service, they repeatedly asked for "proof", of my conversation which of course they didn't have, since I had assumed the chat agents were honest and wouldn't give out false information. The very understanding customer service person then told me they would look into it and call me back. A day later, I got a robo "do not reply" email telling me that my request had been rejected, but thanks and have a nice day. Great.


      I mean, I do understand that my business isn't that important because I'm just a hobbyist and not a company buying like 100 licenses, but in the past two years I've spent basically the same amount of money on the program which as I paid for my computer. Other than my computer, this program is basically the most expensive thing I own. I justified buying it to myself because I really enjoy photo editing and making graphics and art and it's the "professional", top of the line program, but after this I'm wondering why, if I'm not a professional making money off of graphic design, while I should be giving a ton of money to a company that's not even going to give me good customer service for this purchase. Never mind this new Cloud service- why on earth would I give Adobe money every single month, when I gave them money once and they messed it up?


      There's nothing I can do at this point, right, now that I've called customer service and posted here? (Except stop buying Adobe products, which I already plan to do.)

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          The complimentary upgrade policy has always been that you have to purchase your upgrade after they announce the official release date of the new version, which is usually 30 days in advance. If the customer support chat person didn't fully explain that to you, then they were remiss, but you should have saved your chat. Two hundred dollar lesson. Pretty cheap in the game of life. Chock it up to experience and move on. If you truly like using Ps, this won't be your last Adobe purchase. You'll be much smarter next time around. And yes, Adobe Customer Support really does suck now. It's gone steadily downhill over the years.

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            Those guys don't "lie", sometimes they simply are not properly briefed. Most of them are, after all, just some poor saps in India. The rest is neither here nor there - this is a user forum and if you have any issues with sales, then we can't help you. I personally understand your frustrations, but the earliest official announcement for the "free" CS6 I remember was some time in April, so that tracks. Other than that the really important question becomes, whether you actually do need CS6. Even as a professional to me this many times is a thing of "would be nice, but it's not a must have" for many of the features, so unless you have your eyes on a specific feature, it's probably better to not get too crazy over the matetr and instead rationalyl figure out a plan if and when you may upgrade to CS6 or whatever at a later point...