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    Text variables and automatic numbering

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      Hi everyone,


      I've set up some paragraph styles for the the headings in a new document I'm working on. I've used the lists feature (within bullets and numbering) so that when I style a heading the correct numbering will appear. For example:


      1. First level heading

      1.1 Second level heading

      1.1.1 Third level heading


      Now that this is set up correctly, I wanted to use text variables so that the numbering for each second level heading appears in the footer. So in the above example 1.1 should appear in the footer.


      To set this up, I followed these steps:

      1. Created a character style containing the formatting of the numbering within the 2nd level heading style.
      2. Adjusted the 2nd level heading para style by creating a nested character style, ie. once in the para style, clicked on “Drop Caps and Nested Styles” then chose “New Nested Style”, then from the drop down menu chose “up to” and then clicked on “Word” and from the drop down menu chose “Tab Characters”. So the nested style now says “Chapter_sublevel_number” (this is the character style I created) up to 1 Tab Characters
      3. Drew out a text frame at the foot of the master page and inserted the cursor.
      4. Under the type menu chose “Text Variables” and then “Define...”.
      5. In the dialogue box that opened, clicked on the “New” button to create a new text variable.
      6. Entered a name in the “Name” field.
      7. Under the “Type” dropdown menu, chose “Running Header (Character Style).
      8. Under the “Style” dropdown menu, chose the character style that I created earlier.
      9. Under the “Use” dropdown menu, chose “Last on page”.
      10. Clicked OK and then clicked “Insert” to insert the variable into the text frame.



      When I did this, the content of the second level heading got inserted into the footer, ie. "Second level heading" (in the above example). The number 1.1 didn't get inserted at all. I'm assuming that this is because the numbering in the headings is automatic because if I right-click on a second level heading and choose "convert numbering to text" then it works by inserting 1.1.


      When I set up the numbering for the second level heading the following is what was in the number field:




      So I'm just wondering whether there's a workaround for this? Can I force the numbering into the footer as I'd planned while still keeping the numbering automatic?


      Really appreciate any advice offered.