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    [CS6] Bug in opening CS4 IDML in CS6

    Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      Hello, all!


      I just came accross a serious bug after opening an IDML file from InDesign CS4 v6.0.6 in CS6 v8.0.0.
      Objects of a master page "B" that is based on master "A" were moved!


      Watch out especially for page 4.


      Here a screen grab of the pages palette of InDesign CS4:




      Here a screen grab after opening the IDML in InDesign CS6:




      The two objects on master "B" are moved by an amount of about half the page width!


      Here the link to the IDML file from InDesign CS4:




      This seems to be a serious bug.

      Instead opening the InDesign CS4 file in InDesign CS6 does NOT show the bug.


      But another one discussed here in answer #8: