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    Slow NetGroup.Neighbor.Connect or NetGroup.SendTo.Notify


      Is it possible to increase the speed of NetGroup.Neighbor.Connect and NetGroup.SendTo.Notify?


      Currently there are about 3-5 people in the chat and users have difficulties seeing each other.

      Some users can't see one user, but others can.


      What can cause this? Big latency of some of the users?


      If network will grow bigger, aprox. 50+ ppl online, will this issue with latency(long Neighbor gathering) will improve?


      Any improvements can be done while network is so small?

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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

          i assume you're using the "server channel" to have the server bootstrap new members into the group?


          depending on the NAT/firewall configurations of the existing members and the new joiner, the bootstrap candidates that Cirrus commands to the peers might not be able to make P2P connections. that will typically be the case when a large proportion of the peers are behind symmetric NATs or port/address restricted cone NATs.


          NetGroup.sendToNearest()/.sendToNeighbor/.sendToAllNeighbors() should send the message immediately (but only to the specific or all directly connected neighbors, which might not be all members of the group -- to reach all members of the group, use NetGroup.post()). any delay between sending with sendToNearest()/sendToNeighbor/sendToAllNeighbors would be caused by packet loss/retransmission. messages sent with those methods are sent with full reliability, and will be retransmitted if they are lost.


          the larger the group, the more likely it is that there will be enough peers with favorable NAT configurations to allow new members to join and for most group P2P modes to work.  note that for sendToNearest() to work consistently (especially to build things like a DHT), the topology must be really correct. i talk about this more in my session from MAX 2011, which i recommend you watch:



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            Somebbb Level 1

            Thank you Michael for your support. I want to implement my own send/approval system like this:


            1) Non problematic situation:

            sendToNearest->message received on final destination->sendToNearest back to sender to approve successful receiving.


            2) Problematic situation:

            sendToNearest->var interval=setInterval(repeat,10000)->when approval message have returned we clearInterval(interval)


            Same can be applied to remote user, to be sure approval message will reach it's destination.

            So basically all messages will be built on send/approval system.


            Will this help or it doesn't worth it?