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    RE: Missing buttons when publishing to Interactive PDF - possible bug?

    firstprospect Level 1



      Still having the following problem posted last month - has anyone else encountered this:


      I'm trying to create a 12 page interactive PDF with a set of 12 buttons (set in the master page) at the bottom of page that relates to each page. When clicked the button should you directly to that page.


      I have used this method many times before in CS5 using Go to destination in Buttons and setting each page as a destination. It normally works great.


      However, in CS6, once I export to interactive PDF and open in Acrobat Pro the buttons all seem to disappear once you click on the 3rd or 4th page button.


      I have stripped the indesign doc back to include no other content - just the buttons, with no rollover effects etc but I am still having the same problem


      Please can anyone help? I can supply the relevant indesign doc and exported PDF if it helps.


      UPDATE: One forum member suggested trying to open it in Acrobat Reader instead and it worked fine. This is OK to a point but I really need it opening in Acrobat Pro.