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    Creating and saving custom title animations




      I would like to create a few standard (really simple) titles for my videos.  An example of one can be found at http://youtu.be/8saxdhRoL1A


      So far I have use Title > New Title > Default Still to create the basic title.

      I have:

      changed the font size, fill colour, outline colour and shadow as required (can you change the shadow colour??).

      Moved the text to the default position (bottom left hand side)

      Set the total duration to 6 seconds.

      I noticed that "Text animation" provide a fade-in and fade-out, but I also wish to add slide in from left then slide out to left at some time, so I have not used the text annimation.


      Having created the basic title and placed it on a video track above the main video, I have right clicked and used "Show Properties" so that I can now set key frames for opacity and (later position).

      Keyframes at

      0s - 0% opacity

      1s - 100% Opacity

      4s - 100% Opacity

      5s - 0% Opacity


      This works fine BUT I now wish to save this title with fade-in, fade-out (and other effects) so that I can use it later in other projects. How DO I do this????  The title that appears in the Projects Media has none of the keyframes/effects (and is still the default length for a still).


      Suggestions please.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You can only save the animation for one property at a time -- so you can save the fade and the motion as two separate preset animations and then apply both to future titles.


          Just right-click on each property listing in the Properties panel and select Save As Preset.

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            BLZP Level 1

            Hi Steve


            Thanks for the reply.


            So to make custom title I need to create a new title (basically font, style, colour, poistion), save the title down, save the opacity keyframes as a preset, and save the motion keyframes as a preset.


            Then on a new project, import the title, apply the opacity effects preset, apply the motion effects preset and then I have my custom title!


            Somehow I can't see myself doing that.


            As an alternative I am considering creating a (blank) "titles" and "Disc Menus" project with an example of each of my titles, along with a disc menu using matching fonts and colours.  When I start a new project I'll load this "titles" project, load the media and then save down as a new project.  What do you think?




            I used Pinnacle Studio for many years but got a little cheesed off when it kept crashing when attempting to make DVDs longer than 30 mins.  I changed to Cyberlink Power Director 2 years ago, but it seems to have problems with HD content longer than 60 mins, although much quicker. I'll see how Elements copes..... So I must confess to being slightly dissapointed with how difficult it is to customise Elements.


            Thanks again