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      I have been using CS5.5 and now I've upgrade to CS6 and I've some problems opening CS5.5 files.

      Adobe support have told me that the problem could be the pluggins. If I open the Extension manager of ID CS5.5 and CS6 I can see this:


      Why can`t I see pluggins in CS6? The APLN files are in the CS6 pluggins directory.

      How can I install it?

      Thanks in advance

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          Carl Sun Level 4

          You are using Spanish locale according to the screenshot. Do you use the same locale for OS (Windows or Mac) and InDesign CS6? Please open  <InDesignInstallFolder>/Configuration/XManConfig.xml, you will find the value for "PreExtensionFolder" (the locale might be es_ES for you.).

          <Data key="PreExtensionFolder">$SharedCommonDataFolder/Adobe/InDesign/Version 8.0/en_US/Extensions</Data>

          Then check whether the folder above exists in your machine. ($SharedCommonDataFolder stands for "C:\ProgramData" on Windows, and "/Library/Application Support" on Mac.)


          If "PreExtensionFolder" exists but there is only "REMOVED" subfolder in it, please move all files in REMOVED subfolder up a level to "PreExtensionFolder", then restart Extension Manager; If "PreExtensionFolder" is not the same as that in XManConfig.xml (e.g. Actual folder is ".../es_ES/..." but ".../en_US/..." is specified in XManConfig.xml.), modify and save XManConfig.xml then restart Extension Manager.

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            javier.arizcuren Level 1

            Thanks Carl.

            I'm a Windows 7 user.

            I've open de XManConfig.xml and the route of the folder is right.

            Then I've opened the PreExtensionFolder and every file was in the Removed subfolder. So I've cut-paste to the above level. I've restarted Extension Manager and nothing happened and opening the PreExtensionFolder again every files have been deleted so I'm a little scared (the Removed folder is empty too).

            What can I do to recover this files?


            I think that it's not the problem because I've installed InDesign CS5.5 and Extension Manager CS5.5 too and the PreExtensionFolder of the version 7.5 is empty, with every files in the Removed folder, and if I open the Extension Manager CS5.5 I can see every pluggins installed.

            Sorry for my english.

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              Carl Sun Level 4

              All pre-installed InDesign extensions will be put to PreExtensionFolder when you install InDesign. During launch Extension Manager will search extensions in this folder and import them. Extensions will be moved into REMOVED subfolder if they are imported successfully to avoid repeated import, which is what you see in CS5.5.


              If both PreExtensionFolder and REMOVED subfolder are empty, you can check whether these files exist in "C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Extension Manager CS7\EM Store\InDesign CS6". If they don't exist either, then they cannot be recovered.


              It's strange that every files were in the REMOVED subfolder but no extensions are listed. But you don't have to worry about it if there is no need for you to disable them. All pre-installed extensions take effect in InDesign no matter they are listed in Extension Manager or not. Extension Manager imports them only in order that user can disable/enable them as necessary.

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                javier.arizcuren Level 1

                Thanks. I've found every files in the Extension Manager folder and I've recovered it.

                Yes, I suppose that this is an 'Adobe Mistery'.