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    BridgeTalk between Illustrator and InDesign issue

    Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional



      I am facing a Bridgetalk issue between Illustrator and InDesign. Both scripts run well on their side. At some point I need to grabd some properties of the Illustrator File and use them within InDesign. So as I never could get onResult functions to work, I use a temporary file to store the properties. So I can check if Illustrator ended working and if so, read the properties then delete the file.


      This process works fine most of the time but quite often, it fails. And I can't see any reason why.The Illustrator Script doesn't seem to fail ( no errors thrown in a try/catch statement) but the temp file is never created.


      Are you aware of any leaks or timeout issues while playing with bridgeTalks ?