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    Flash player keeps freezing videos and streams

    VIPIrony Level 1

      I've been having issues since about wednsday or thursday last week. My flash player is simply not behaving as it used to, (it's been fine on this PC and Internet Connection since October, it's not my rig nor my connections fault) when I watch youtube videos they stop loading after a little while and I have to click stop download and then start it again, or hit f5, it wont continue loading, and it's not just a wait for it to buffer.


      Then this friday, as I was going to watch MLG that I paid for, I noticed that streams were freezing aswell, same issue, they go cool and usual for a few seconds to a few minutes, and then they just stop loading the stream or video, making me restart the download through pause - play, f5, stop download then restart etc.


      I've been fiddling with Flash player settings such as storage maximum (now set to unlimited), I've cleared my cache and cookies aswell. I spent in total 7 hours with MLG Tech support trying to figure out what was wrong to no avail. I've even used direct DNS Server connecting, so I am left with the thought that it's a Flash Player issue. On some youtube videos dont have this problem. (Only the ones not using Flash player!!!)


      My rig:
      Windows 7 64bit Home Premium
      8Gb dd3 RAM
      2x Nvidia GTX Geforce 560
      Intel i7 2600
      10mbps Connection

      120Gb SSD Hard Disk
      and 1 Tb HDD



      Edit: Apparently another person has the same issue. http://forums.adobe.com/message/3859702