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    InDesign CS4: Internal page links in book go to wrong page when PDFed




      My magazine is published in print and in PDF. We've starting to add hyperlinks in the PDF version to websites. Now I'm trying to add internal pages links.


      Due to the magazine's workflow, each issue is made of five InDesign files, that are combined into a Book.


      I can create links to pages within each InDesign document without a problem. But when I try to create page links that lead to pages in other InDesign files, the links don't work – clicking on them takes me to page 1 (the cover).


      I have tried deleting InDesign's preferences, but that hasn't helped.


      I've tried to exporting the files as INX and IDML formats, and re-importing them, but that wrecks the layouts which would mean the issue has to be laid out again. Frankly, that's not worth the effort to fix this issue.


      Once the five sections are collated in a new book, I update the Cross-references and the page numbering, using the Book panel's menu. Then I export the book as a PDF using the folloiwng settings. I've found these make sure URL and the internal page links within a document work:


      pdf settings.jpg


      I can set these page links using Acrobat Professional, but it'd be more efficient to do it in InDesign.


      Any advice how to to fix this problem?