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    XML Page cannot be displayed -- whitespace is not allowed at this location

      To create an online training program I am using Captivate 3 to create the videos then move the published flash file into Contribute 3 to create the XML and HTM files. Using the same publishing steps most videos play; however, some videos do not. I noticed in the FTP that videos which work will display text when I open the XML file and those that do not I receive the error message below:

      "XML page cannot be displayed"
      "Cannot view XML imput using XSL style sheet."
      "Whitespace is not allowed at this location. Error processing resource"

      When I click on the flash files in the FTP the videos that play and ones that do not play both will allow me to play the video. I need for HealthStream (the web site my videos are stored) to connect to the FTP but receive the message "error parsing the XML document and content cannot be launched" due to the error reading the XML document (located above).

      Please help resolve the XML issue.