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    Auto fill-in dialog "Caption Setup..."

    RudiHoremans Level 1

      CS version 5.5.

      I have a project in which all images have metadata that can be called upon by "live caption" or "static caption". However, depending the type of image, only one type of metadata should be retrieved, for other images it will be another type. E.g.: image 1 =  metadata "description"; image 2 = metadata "headline"; "image 3 = metadata "copyright".  Every type of metadata has its own paragraph style.

      I would like to make this foolproof in that the user has only to select a script, that will do "caption setup...", fill in the appropriate fields in the dialogue box, and then create the caption.


      I start with:


      var myFRSelect = app.menuActions.item("Caption Setup...");



      // The dialogue box appears.

      // Here should go the automatic selection of e.g. metadata = "description" and "paragraph style = "description-style"


      The end part is:


      var captionMenu = app.menuActions.item("Generate Static Caption");



      How to select within the dialogue box (without user intervention) however, can't find any information.


      Rudi Horemans