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    Recording a voiceover channel in the audio mixer


      I thought I had the workflow for recording audio down, but I'm having a problem with the mute button that seemingly has a life of it's own.


      I've added a separate mono voiceover track, and do the following steps to record:


      1. Mute all audio tracks
      2. Set my voiceover track to "Touch"
      3. Choose my microphone
      4. hit the track record button
      5. hit the record button at the bottom of the audio mixer
      6. hit the play button at the bottom of the audio mixer.


      Sometimes this works, but sometimes the mute button flips back off on the track I am recording, producing ugly feedback when the audio being recorded is pumped out of the speaker and back into the mic.


      I don't know why the mute button wants to unmute itself at precisely the wrong time. Anybody else been down this road?