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    Table 508 Acessibility in InDesign?




      we need to provide PDFs to a client that are fully 508 accessible. The one area that is always difficult are the tables - most of the tables our clients provide us with are complex (multiple header levels along the top, headers on the left, sometimes headers starting a new section in the table).


      I've seen that Adobe Acrobat has a table inspector that can help with this. However, we do not design in Acrobat - we use InDesign. I've read elsewhere that Acrobat will not recognize table tagging done in InDesign (it will recognize a table tag, but not the tagging of individual cells - making them headers or data cells). Is that true?


      The ideal would be for InDesign to have some kind of Table Ispector that would allow you to tag the tables in InDesign (data cells, header cells, even the "id"/"header" relationship of the cells if the tables are complex) and for Acrobat to recgonize these. Because right now, it seems you have to do all this kind of tagging in Acrobat, but if the client has a change and we need to output a new PDF, WE LOSE ALL THE WORK WE DID PREVIOUSLY IN ACROBAT.


      Anyone facing the same thing that might hav found a work around?