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    Why is Data Merge slow and freezes


      I work in Prepress on a fast 8 core Mac Pro with 8GB DDR3 RAM.


      Doing a Data Merge using InDesign CS4 - here are the details:

           Blank document (setup as #10 envelope)

           No graphics

           One text box with 10 fields:

                FirstName     LastName     TrayNumber     SortPosition

                Address1     Address2

                City     State     Zip

                Intelligent Mail Barcode

           8500 records in CSV file - no other data fields - just those placed in document


      When merging 200 records, the merge is successfully done in around 3 seconds.


      When trying to merge all 8500, the merge never completes - it takes about 15 minutes just to get to the "finding overset text...", and then I must close InDesign because it quits responding.


      I tested doing a mail merge with the same data in Microsoft Word and it was done in a less than 2 minutes.


      I tried this on 2 different Macs with the same non-results and can't believe InDesign's data merge functionality is this poor or inept.


      Please - any insights?