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    Projects settings for AVCHD MTS files in Adobe Premiere Elements 8



      I have read several discussions already, about importing AVCHD MTS file in Adobe Elements (version 8), but I'm also confused a littlebit, so I would like to confirm if I'm correct.

      FYI, I have a Canon Legria HFR26 camera and am using Adobe Premiere Elements 8 (with the latest updates installed).


      According to the specs in the Canon instruction manual:

      Videos are recorded in high definition using AVCHD specifications

      (MPEG-4/H.264 compression).

      Audio compression: Dolby Digital 2ch


      The camera supports making video's in different format, but I have done it in the default SP format, which results in a resolution of 1440x1080 (50 fields per second, interlaced).


      I have copied the video from the camera to my harddisk, and Windows also mentions the video's as AVCHD of 1440x1080 (Bitrate 7672kbps).


      The frame rate is 25 frames/second. I assume this is correct for 50i?


      So, when I import my video's into Adobe Elements 8, I select the following projects settings:

      PAL, AVCHD, HD 1080i 25

      Because the description matches my video files:

      - For editing with 1440x1080i AVCHD camcorders.

      - 16:9 interlaced HD video at 25 frames per second.

      - 48kHz audio.


      The video's are imported correctly and I can play them. However, as soon as I drop a video on the timeline, Adobe immediately starts background rendering the video (a red line appears on the timeline).


      What I understand from some discussions, is that this shouldn't happen, because the video format doesn't match the project settings. On the other hand, I have also read that for Adobe Elements 8 this is normal behaviour and it always start background rendering AVCHD video's.


      Is this expected behaviour or should I chance my projects settings or maybe even convert my video files to a different format?