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    Does Premiere have anything comparable to AE's 'Levels...dual Controls'?

    Intercostal Level 1

      CS5.....I was experimenting with AE's Color Correction effects and found their "Levels...dual Controls" to be superior for the look I was going for, more so than Premiere's "ProcAmp" which I have been using.PPs "ProcAmp" worked better than PPs "Levels" for me.


      I wanted to raises the black levels specifically without over darkening the rest of the image. I  always desaturate and/or shadow/highlight to fill in video that  use "ProcAmp" or "Levels...dual Controls"....but find that whatever else I add.....using a base correction of  AE's "Levels...dual Controls" works better than PP's "ProcAmp" and "Levels".


      Is there any PP color correction that works as well as AE"Levels...dual Controls" on specifically marking dark areas blacker?


      This is to create what I perceive as more of a film look, where the black areas are absolute black..