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    Virtualized Audition crashes on startup


      So, I am installing CS6 on our Citrix XenApp servers to virtualize to our staff computers. I have installed 11 applications from CS6 so far and Audition is the first one that will not work. When I open it from the start menu it tries to open then it says Audition CS6 has stopped working. A problem caused  the program to stop working correctly. If I click on Debug, it says an unhandled win32 exception occured in Adobe Audition [4372]. I can run the program fine on the local install on the XenApp server. Any ideas? I tried renaming the 5.0 folder and that didn't resolve the issue. I've also lowered the screen resolution in the published application properties which sometimes resolves weird issues when virtualizing apps.

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          Floyd King Level 1

          I don't know if this may be related to your problem but in my studio I use one computer for recording with Audition and another computer for non-recording functions and I use a KVM to switch between them.

          Sometimes with Audition CS6 when I switch away from the Audition computer then back the track/input device setting is lost.  And, if Audition is playing when I switch the audio chokes (tech term) aka glitches.  That doesn't happen with 3.1.

          So I have to guess that whatever means CS6 uses to handle devices is more easily offended by anything but real


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            SteveG(AudioMasters) Level 7

            Floyd may well have a point. I think it's very likely that unless a virtualised Audition can also see a virtualised audio device of some description, it may well get upset. It's got to see something like that, or the transport won't run, at a bare minimum.

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              jasonjam Level 1

              I'm started having this same issue today only with PS, AI, PR and AE. Did you ever find a fix for this unhandled win32 exception. I use those four apps daily.

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                I had the same problem while i publish the Audition CS6 on XA server, The real problem is with the audio drivers (devices), if you disable the audio drivers on the client machine and try launching the Auditon it will open Seamlessly. Hope this helps, am just working on a policy to fix the audio driver issue. will post once i have an update on this