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    Only partial book is published



      Word 2010

      Windows 7


      UPDATE:  I changed one of the level 2 headings and now the book is publishing correctly. Sorry for the bother.


      Suddenly, the generated Word document no longer contains a book title, although the topics are there. The books before and after publish correctly, as does the web help.


      I seem to recall a piece of rogue code causing this sort of problem but I cannot locate that thread.


      I should add that I have already done the following:

      • closed and reopened RH and republished
      • rebooted and reopened RH and republished
      • Re-created the TOC
      • Moved the offending book to a dfferent location (where it published correctly, but when replaced to its proper location doesn't publish correctly)


      Any help is appreciated.


      Mary Holder