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    Weird Positioning for Skinned Panel in Flex Builder 3

    vEr5e Level 1
      In the previous versions of the Flex Builder 3, even for the Flex Builder 3 Beta Milestone 4, my custom skinned Panel component worked fine. So I have an image skin and then I put into Flex Builder, set the 9 slice settings, did some adjustments to the headerHeight. And when I add a child component to the Panel component, it will automatically be placed beneath the Panel's title (like a VBox layout), position it inside the panel.

      But now, compiling with the same files and css in the new Flex Builder 3 final release, the Panel does not position the children components correctly anymore. The children are still positioned in a VBox layout but the first child started from the point 0,0 of the Panel. So, the first child is overlapping the Panel's title and all the children seems to go out of the Panel a bit. This isn't what it used to be(that's to automatically position them in the content are of the Panel component or at least within the 9 slice middle area).

      A Panel that isn't skinned at all works fine.

      Is there anything I have to change or do to solve this?