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    Win 7 / FF 13 - Flash 11.3.300.257 doesn't work

    mbruehl99 Level 1

      OS: Win 7 64bit

      Browser: Firefox 13

      Flash Player: 11.3.300.257


      Since updating to the above Flash Player version, flash isn't working anymore, which simply means, nothing related to flash is working if using Firefox. Flash is still working with Chrome and IE 9.


      Flash 11.3.300.257 is also working with Win XP / Firefox 13.


      I've deinstalled and reinstalled twice, but it didn't help. As far as I can see there are other people having trouble with this lastest Flash version in Firefox.


      Is it possible to get the previous Flash Player version which was running with Win 7 64bit / Firefox 13? Would be great because I guess it'll take a while until this problem gets solved.