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    Is the CS6 road show worthwhile?

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      I'm thinking of making the long drive to Chicago on the 21st for Adobe's traveling CS6 road show. Does anyone here have a report from the first cities on the trek: NY, Orlando, DC, Atlanta?  Is it basically an NAB-type sales pitch presentation?  I wasn't there this year but have already bought the CS6 upgrade, just haven't had the chance to load it yet.  BTW, the Deep Dive training isn't offered in Chicago so that's not a factor for me, though it might be for LA area people.

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          So four more cities on the itinerary have come and gone since I first asked the question. Did anyone here have a positive experience at one?

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            TradeWind Level 3

            It's not a total sales pitch demo, there is some rather useful info and it's not a bad opportunity to network as well.


            I'll say that of all the Adobe presentations/roadshows/etc I've ever seen, it was the least impressive. I had a short drive to the ATL event. For people who are NEW to Adobe or Premiere Pro, it's probably more valuable. For people who are already in the Adobe boat, not quite as valuable.


            The sponsoring partners are pretty good, nice opportunity to chat those guys up (G-Raid, Maxon, RED, AJA, etc). The one sponsor that I personally wanted to stop by and chat with, however, was Blackmagic Design, and they were a no-show at the Atlanta stop, so that was a big bummer.


            The crazy thing is, this was the "official" Adobe event for CS6 (production) in the heart of the city (at the Georgia Tech campus...centrally located, but for this UGA grad, I'm obligated to say it was a terrible choice of locations...:) ). It's about as central in the Atlanta region as you can get. Yet, just a month ago, there was a capacity crowd of 300+ in one of the further suburbs of Atlanta at a community college and the whole show seemed more intense, much more in-depth, all that jazz. There were 6 or 8 Adobe reps at that event, and only 2 at the roadshow event.


            So who knows...it might have been just an Atlanta-specific letdown (trust me, those Adobe folks have been practically camped out at Turner and CNN for over a year to grab their 800+ seats of FCP and Avid editors....they certainly love the Atlanta crowd). For you, if this is the only Adobe visit to Chicago, it could be worth it just to get some face time with the Adobe guys, if that's any value to you.