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    SWF Import Glitches

    Eldridge Felder

      I have a swf file created by exporting from 3D Max via Swift 3D.  The SWF file looks great! No problems. When importing into Flash 5.5 via File > Import, there are glitches in the animation, sections dropping color, etc. 


      What can I do to have a clean import of my swf into flash?  It's only 60 frames long and the file size is about 1MB.


      Note:  Contacted Swift3D and they were able to duplicate the problem in Flash 6. But the problem is on Flash's end because the SWF created works great.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Do you know if there is any code in the imported swf? HAve you tried loading the swf dynamically rather than importing it?

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            Eldridge Felder Level 1

            Hi Ned,


            Doesn't look like there is any code. It imports as a sequence of frames and I don't see any actionscript in any of the frames. Is it possible for me to send you the swf on here?  dynamically loading wont matter because we can't dynamically link the swf, it has to be imported into the scene 100%.

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              Eldridge Felder Level 1

              Does anyone have any suggestions on why this would happen or what to do to fix it? My Flash version is  I find it strange the swf looks fine running in the Flash Player, but Flash itself doesn't load it properly. 


              Im on a deadline. It will really look bad if out of all the softwares involved the final one to postpone the project is the last one. Flash.

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                Eldridge Felder Level 1

                I've solve it myself. Just two days before deadline. Thanks to those who were considering giving me their feedback or suggestions .


                And for those who are curious what I did to solve it.  I simple rendered separate objects from 3D Max using Swift3D and output them as swf instead of rendering everything in a single swf. Then I layered them correctly in Flash. No more glitches.  My only guess is Flash did not like so many objects close together in the swf and was dropping colors.  Separating them made flash happy.