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    Too many audio channels...

    UlfLaursen Level 2



      I need help to figure something out.


      I have the problem with Canon XF footage described in this thread:




      Thefore I uthe Canon FX utility to create merged clips in MXF and nvert those to XDCAM HD 50 Mbps 50i 4.2.2 vi AME in CS5.5


      When I import the result file into CS6, I get 8 audio channels, 4 for each L & R. My settings are standard for the preset:



      I cannot change the audiosettings in export, but maybe I could change something in the import of PPRO CS6?


      I just want one L & one R track or 1 stereo track including both L & R.





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          UlfLaursen Level 2

          Does anybody know this.


          Thanks in advance for any input :)



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            Averdahl Level 3

            Why do you convert the media to start with? Are you aware of that you are converting the camera's MPEG2 to the MPEG2 you get when creating the new MXF file? (XDCAM HD = MPEG2)


            I would never ever re-compress/convert the already-in-camera-compressed MPEG2 to compressed MPEG2 for editing and then having it to end up in let's say either MPEG2-DVD or H.264. You loose one generation and i would not want to lose it by re-encoding to MPEG2 since, imo, re-encodong MPEG2 to MPEG2 should be avoided. (MPEG2 to MPEG2 = The quality is degraded too much) If you still want to re-encode the footage i would use another codec, DNxHD/CineForm/Lagarith. (Pick your favorite)


            You can use the MXF files from Canon XF Utility in CS6. (The files MXF are just copied from the original folder structure, so no re-encoding is done.)


            AFAIK, the problems with tearing video go away by using the MXF files you get from XF Utility. If the tearing is still present, close Pr and delete all Cache files. Open Pr and let the Generating Peak file finish.


            AFAIK 8 audio channels are standard in MXF OP1a according to SMPTE D10.



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              UlfLaursen Level 2

              Thanks Roger for the explanation :)


              I have also tested the exported MXF files from the XF utility, and the seem to have no tearing, but for this deadline I just wanted to be sure, thats why.


              I'll use the "native" MXF files for my next project without encoding.


              Thanks again