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    Export Markers Naming Options


      Audition CS6

      Windows 7 64-bit


      I would love to see some more robust naming options when exporting markers to files.  The addition of prefix and postfix fields comes in handy, but it would be fantastic if I could create my own separator instead of being stuck with the underscore.  I frequently have to batch out my files, then open a second program to batch rename all of my files to simply remove or replace the underscores.


      As a bit of an after-thought.  It would also be wonderful to be able to modify the default name of my markers -- or to be able to find/replace across all marker names to for instance remove the word "Marker" and only leave the digits behind.




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          Fa310tx Level 1

          Amen to that...

          I requested similar functionality when CS5.5 came out.

          The delimiter should be optional, not just adjustable.

          There was no delimiter in AA1, AA2, or AA3 and it was forced on us with CS5.5.

          I have thousands of files as Track001.wav, Track002.wav, Track003.wav, etc... (previous versions started with 001 even if 1 was specified) and now I have an extra step to match the pre-existing ones.


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            Bl@kSton3Guy Level 1

            I agree that the delimiter should be optional, though it should be handled in the same manner as Prefix/Postfix; with a text box -- then to specify that no delimter is to be used simply leave the box empty.

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              Fa310tx Level 1

              True that...

              The point is not not force the user to select from a drop-down box of pre-selected options.

              I was really surprised to see template functionality for Batch Processing but nothing for Export.


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                Spamhunter Level 1

                I regularly record IVR files that need to be exported into thousands of precisely-named wav files drawn from a table supplied by my client. In Sound Forge I can export the regions to a .csv, copy-past the new names in in Excel, import the same region list & export all 1000-plus renamed files in the time it took me to write this.


                I need the option to export a marker list or playlist to a text file or table, in Audition. It surely can't be that difficult.