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    advice for clip database?


      Hi - I'm moving from Final Cut Pro to Adobe and am looking for advice on creating a system for managing and keywording clips.


      What's up is that I am the photographer at a small college in Oregon. We use Extensis Portfolio to manage our photo holdings, with each image being keyworded to aid searches.


      What I would like is a similar system for managing video clips that allows the addition of keywords. For example, if an interviewee mentions that they are a Biology major, a rugby player, and Canadian, I'd like to be able to put all of this info into the system so that, in ten years when we've forgotten everything, we can look up all of clips relating to rugby or biology... etc...



      It looks like Prelude could do this but I'm just getting my feet wet in the Adobe system.


      What do you think?

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          monstremoi Adobe Employee

          If you are tagging files with XMP data, Premiere Pro has a Metadata panel that reads these feilds -- in Premiere Pro go Window-> Metadata, or click the "Metadata" tab in the main work area, to see what XMP fields Premiere pro will read from XMP data. You can search for existing XMP metadata for an imported file, tag, and retag files this way in Premiere Pro.