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    Changing the face of people using golden ratio formula?


      Hello, I'm new here and not really sure if this is the right place to ask, but I recently saw this:




      And found it to be really interesting. I'm willing to change the sex of people using this formula (more specifically from male to female). And on the comments section of the video there is this comment saying:


      "I used this mask on my face and it matched! This is how i did it: Download picture of mask. Open picture in adobe ilustrator. Using pen tool draw lines on the mask. Than remove picture of mask and group all lines. Then put your picture and match it! Hope i helped! You need about 5 minutes for this."


      But I didn't get it really well... and the video didn't clear things up for me much neither. So I was wondering if someone could make me a better video or a tutorial/step by step explanation or something so I can pratice this genderswapping technique and get the best results. Thanks in advance.