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    Premiere Elements - a real disappointment


      I purchased Premiere Elements version 8 in Jan 2010 and had to give up on the software as it frequently crashed when working with multiple video and image files.  I didn't realize that there had been two upgrades since version 8, and I now found out that to upgrade to the latest version Adobe is asking for $79.99  Is anybody actually making this purchase?  That's almost the same price I paid for version 8 in 2010.  Basically, Adobe is asking its customers to buy another software since their previous version is flawed.  I would expect that Adobe (out of all the companies out there) would know better to keep their customers happy.  The upgraded version PRE9 (released 2010) and PRE10 (released 2011) should have been a software update instead of two updated versions.


      I am extremely disappointed with Adobe and will not purchase any new products with the Adobe name from now on.


      - From one real disappointed Adobe user. (And BTW I did call Adobe and spoke to 3 different agents to file my complaint.  They all said that they understood but that this is their business practice.  I will just go and buy a Corel product.)

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Thank you for sharing.


          Though this might have more effect if you sent it to Adobe instead of posting it in a user-to-user forum.


          Version 10, by the way, is huge improvement over version 8 -- and is available for an upgrade price to previous owners of the software.


          But it sounds like you're done with Prel. So I'll leave it at that.

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            mooncinema Level 1

            Thanks for your reply.  As mentioned in my post, I have already contacted Adobe and expressed my disappointment about Premiere Elements.  I added a post in the forum to see what other users felt about the software and its frequent upgrades.  And yes, I'm done with Premiere Elements and I secretly think that Adobe is in the same boat on this.

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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              >what other users felt about the software and its frequent upgrades


              If all you want to do is edit DV AVI from a tape based camera, or the other video CODECS inclused with version 8, you never need to upgrade


              If you want to edit a "modern" codec like AVCHD from a "modern" camera... you must upgrade


              If you are in the Intel hardware world... are you still using DOS 6, or are you now using "some" version of Windows?


              Technology changes over time... video editing software is just one small part of the overall market


              No software that I know of is perfect... but with the right hardware, there are many people who are happy with Premiere Elements

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                mooncinema Level 1

                I'm using Windows XP and Vista with sufficient memory and processor.  Version 8 had one too many lag times and crashes that was very time-consuming to use.  In the end, it just wasn't worth it.


                Adobe should know when a software works sufficiently and meets user's expectations.  After all, this is the company that makes Photoshop.  I would not expect anything less.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Historically, PrElements has had a "life-span" of about 12 mos. and new versions are usually released in about Sept. or Oct., in time for Holiday shopping.


                  There are usually many additions, in each version, and often some changes. However, some users often do not appreciate some of the changes. I find similar with almost all programs - some changes are great, but some not to my personal liking. I used to upgrade most of my major programs with great regularity, as I found many "improvements" useful, and could amortize the cost of the upgrade over all of my clients and their projects. I have since retired, so my upgrades come only when I find real needs to do so, as the programs basically only are used for personal projects.


                  Now, back to PrE 8. Many feel that it was NOT a great version, with many issues. Some, but not all, of those issues were addressed with an update/patch. Most users felt that PrE 9, and then PrE 10, were much better versions. A few users have referred to PrE 8 as "Adobe's Vista." Not so sure that it was THAT bad, but then I never used it.


                  Adobe's pricing, and their "upgrade" policies, with regard to PrE and PSE, can be confusing. Often, major certified retailers offer some great "street pricing" and even better ones, if one buys the "bundle" of PrE & PSE. Often, the price ends up being less, than buying either program alone, from many suppliers. Then, the "upgrades," are full versions of the program(s), and only reflect a discount on the program - nothing more. Often, those "upgrade" prices are still higher than some of the discounted full-version (remember - those "upgrades" ARE full-version), and some of the "bundled" prices. I always compare the prices, from Amazon, Adobe Store, and other certified retailers, to see who has the best "deal."


                  Good luck,



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                    Cross_ Level 1

                    This makes me wonder whether Adobe is planning to release a patch for PrE 10 or not. So far it has been quite stable on my machine except for the EXTREMELY SLOW timeline view that has been discussed on these forums a couple of times. I don't feel like rebooting Win7 every time just because Adobe's programmers messed up that part.

                    Does Adobe maintain a public bug database anywhere?

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      I highly doubt that any update will be issued, as PrE 11 is but a few months away from release -say Sept., or Oct.


                      Good luck,