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    Metatags Bindable, CollapseWhiteSpace and Inspectable

    Peter Hahmann Level 1

      I'm working with a TextArea and got stuck at the setter and getter functions.

      I've researched the documentation, some books and google, but I couldn't find the answers for some questions.

      1 - Is there any difference between: [Bindable(event="change")] and [Bindable("teste")] ? Which one?
      2 - When adding the event property to the BINDABLE metatag, the binding will only occur when this event is dispached, correct?
      3 - The [CollapseWhiteSpace] tag is used to remove the white spaces of the return and parameter variables, correct?
      4 - I've understood the [INSPECTABLE] concept, but couldn't understand the real use and result of using this tag. For example:

      public function get text():String
      return textArea ? textArea.text : _text;

      Which would be the diferece in using or not using the inspectable tag?

      5 - As the get text() and the set text() are overloaded methods, metatags preceeding the getter method will work also for the setter methods (which is defined right after the getter method)?

      I know that those are pretty basic questions, but my research fonts wheren't "for dummys", so I would be very happy if someone would answer them.