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    Edit in Photoshop CS6 from Lightroom 4.1 fails


      I am using LR 4.1 and PS CS6 on a Win7 64bit system.  Previously with LR3 and LR4 I was able to "Edit in Photoshop" from Lightroom to CS5 and all was well.  Now with LR4.1 and PS CS6 when I "Edit in Photoshop CS6" I get a partial image.  Any image that I try produces various versions of this.  The attached screen capture shows a blank area in the upper left corner.  Other images have shown several smaller blank areas in various positions on the image, and one image contained several blank areas plus a small inset of the image.


      This is quite frustrating, as I generally use LR to crop and make minor adjustments in a photo, then edit some photos in PS.  Now I can no longer edit anything in PS without first exporting the image from LR, work on it in PS, then save it and reimport it into LR.  Very inconvenient.


      Please advise what I am doing wrong or let me know if there is a workaround.


      Thanks in advance,