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    Will a Ramdisk help?


      I have been reading about ramdisks and wonder if they will help my system.  I may actually either have my answer, as it felt slower with the ramdisk, or I didn't have it set up correctly.  I have 32 GB of memory and had two 8GB ramdisks.  I set the scratch disks so that the video scratch disks went to one Ramdisk and the audio scratch disks went to the other ramdisks.  I also set all the temp files (Win 7-64 and PPro) to one of the ramdisks.  As I said, I either had it all set up wrong or the whole ramdisk concept doesn't really work well with PPro.  Any ideas?


      i7 3930K

      Asus P9X79 Pro

      32 GB memory

      GTX 470

      2 each SSD in Raid0 for OS/boot/PPro CS5 on Intel MB @ 6GB

      2 each 2 TB drives in Raid 0 connected to Areca 1882ix-12 4G

      6 each 1 TB drives in Raid 3 connected to Areca 1882ix-12 4G


      BTW, I will be getting PPro CS6 in two weeks and will be running the PP Benchmark.  Is there any settings or configuration changes that will help?