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    Adobe transmit displays 1440x1080 footage as 4:3

    Run & Gunner

      I've just upgraded to CS6 from 5.5 and have the following problem:


      Panasonic P2 footage (AVC intra 50) is not displayed correctly on my production monitor (via Black Magic Intensity) - the image is being sqeezed to 4:3 when it should be anamorphic 16:9. The same goes for 1440x1080 ProRes footage.


      However, the image is correct in the viewer window which places the bug in either Adobe Transmit or Black Magic's driver. Additionally, if I drop the same footage into and AVC-100 timeline then it displays correctly.


      I looked at the AVC-intra 50 settings and they appear correct so I can't tell who's to blame here.


      Anyone else having problems with AVC-intra 50 footage and a third party monitoring system like AJA or Matrox? I'd love to hear if other Black Magic users are having problems. I suspect it's the Black Magic driver...