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    The ToC node is not getting selected although the help result pane displays the correct help page


      I have followed steps given below for a merged project system:-


      1. 1.  I created 3 projects Module_1 and Module_2.
      2. 2. Created the CHM output for the above 2 projects.
      3. 3.  Created a Main project.
      4. 4.  Merged the above 2 CHM in the project.
      5. 5.  Created a new window and added Main.hhc in the TOC option under advance properties.
      6. 6. Generated html output for entire project Main.chm.
      7. 7. Decompile the ‘Main.chm’ and extracted the ToC file ‘Main.hhc’.
      8. 8. For each module project, imported ‘Main.hhc’ as a Baggage File, created window definitions same as Main project and with reference to ‘Main.hhc’.
      9. 9. Again generated html output for all the modules and copied both the CHM at the same place.
      10. 10. Now regardless of my entry point I am able to see entire ToC.


      Issue: When I open Module_1.chm, the chm is displayed as follows, but Main book is highlighted instead of module 2 Book. As I have selected both the options, i.e. Auto-synchronize ToC and Always Show Selection option (when generating chm), Module 1 book should get selected.


      Is there a way to control the selection in the LHS pane?  I am working on a project which has 15 module chms and the chms are integrated with the application. When I press F1 on a module, the default topic is getting displayed and the respective module is not selected in the LHS pane.






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