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    Text boxes in a booklet


      I am using InDesign CS5.5.   I am trying to create a booklet of about 40 pages.  I would like a text box on each page.  I placed a text box in the Master Copies, but the text box doesn't show up on any of the other pages.  How can I get a text box to automatically show up on all 40 pages instead of having to manually place one 40 times?

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          Master "Copies"? Are you an experienced user of InDesign?


          To have the same object on a number of pages, all you have to do is place them on a master page. But of course you must apply this master page, in turn, to the actual page or pages where you want the repeated content to appear. Compare it to a paragraph style: you can define as much as you want, but if you don't apply the style to some text, you won't see anything.

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            Are you, by chance, a long-time Quark Xpress user? Master text frames are quite different in ID. Perhaps if you told us more about the project we could tell you if using master frames is necessary or a good idea (they commonly are neither).


            To override a master text frame ont the docuemtn page so that you can type into it, Hold down the Cmd + Shift keys on Mac (Ctrl + Shift on Windows) and click the frame. Content can be placed in master frames without overriding (and generally should be, when placing) and the frame will override automatically. Master frames should appear in layout view with a dashed outline, so pehaps you are in Preview mode or Overprint Prieview, or maybe you have frame edges hidden.