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    Tab control component CQ5.5: Move of tabs does not move its containers (text, links, etc.)

    Ashwani Sahni

      Hi All,


      There is a deftect in the out of box component "tabctrl" in CQ5.5.


      I've followed the following steps to use tabctrl component:


      1. I have created three tabs (tab1, tab2, tab3) using this component.
      2. Then I've put some contents by using other components under each tab.
      3. Now, I went into the edit mode of the tabctrl compnent and changed the order of the tabs. e.g tab2, tab1, tab3.
      4. After changing the order of the tabs, the container of each tab must be ordered accordingly. But the order of the corresponding containers do not change.


      The problem is there is no association between tab and its parsys.


      For changing the position of the containers as per the order of the tabs, I had to cut and paste the contents manually.


      Any idea or solution around this defect.



      Ashwani Sahni