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    Acrobat X Wont Start

    billbyrnes@live.com Level 1

      I have Acrobat X as part of CS6. Seemed to work fine since installation. Two days ago, it stopped working, won't open. I tried the fixes listed in this forum. No luck.


      Can Adobe help please.




      Bill Byrnes

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          Sameer A Level 2

          May I know what happens when you try to launch Acrobat?


          It would be helpful if you describe on which OS you have acrobat too.


          If you get any error message the exact erro rmessage would be helpful.

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            Arpit Kapoor Adobe Employee

            You need to be more specific about your issue. Please tell us exactly what happens when you try to install Acrobat X.


            Do you get any error message or warning?

            Are you trying to install Acrobat X from CCM, disc or download link?


            An error screenshot would help.


            Also, please share the install.log at http://pastebin.com/


            Install log location : /Library/Logs/Adobe/Installers/[Adobe Application name<date>].log.gz

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              billbyrnes@live.com Level 1

              Thanks for getting back to me.




              There is no error message. Acrobat X as part of Adobe CS 6 was working fine. About 4 days ago, it started up fine, and then just closed by itself. After that, when I click the icon to start Acrobat X Professional, the circle (hourglass) spins, it stops after 1-2 seconds and nothing happens. The program will not start. I look in the task manager and Acrobat is not a running process. If I delete the cache file in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Adobe PCD\cache, Acrobat X professional works for about 10 minutes and then the same problem happens.




              This morning I removed all Adobe programs from my computer (CS6 Web Premium and Premier Elements). I will try re-installing CS6 tonight. There seem to be several other people that have this problem and I am not sure what causes it. I don’t know if it happened after an MS Windows 7 update or an Adobe Acrobat update to 10.1.3.








              Bill Byrnes


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                If your case is anything like mine, it happened when you hit 30 days.

                30 days (probably to the second) when Acrobat X spontaneously quit and stopped launching for me. (Ironically, I had an independent license for Acrobat Pro X that never gave me any problems. When I bought the CS6 Master Collection, I removed the 'independent' license for Acrobat X and installed it as part of the Suite.) What a headache!! Adobe, come on! After all I spent on this Suite... and being an 'early adopter' against my better judgement! At least let us know what the hell is going on! I'd like to at least know that you're working on a fix!

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                  billbyrnes@live.com Level 1

                  Thanks for the information. I just removed and re-installed the entire suite (CS6 Web Premium). I hope this problem does not recur in 30 days. I agree that Adobe has to come up with a fix. Too many people are having the same problem.








                  Bill Byrnes

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                    Good morning all,


                    Me too, I was having exactly the same problem with Acrobat X (10.1.3). Acrobat was installed as part of the CS6 Master Collection.

                    I tried to open a PDF from within an Outlook 2010 email, the PDF opened, and dissapeared again. After that I could not use Acrobat any more. This 30 day issue could very well have been the case with me too.


                    Please help Adobe, I like to continue to use your greatly appreciated software!



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                      Count me in. I had an Acrobat 9 license, upgraded from web premium cs5  to thedesign and web premium CS6 which includes acrobat. It is no longer in the list of programs in the start menu. It is in the uninstall program list, repairing via that list did nothing. The program and associated files are on the drive in  Program Files (x86), but absolutely nothing happens when I try to open the program either from a shortcut or by double clicking on the exe file. It still shows up as the default program for pdf files, but just will not load. Very frustrating and is now costing me work as I cannot open a pdf magazine which I must create web pages of.

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                        818g Level 1

                        Windows7 Ultimate X64


                        The Acrobat X Pro is part of the Design & Web Premium CS6 package.  I was creating a pdf from a Word document (MS Word 2010) and after closing the Word program the Adobe Acrobat closed itself.  Ever since that it's been unavailable.  Doubleclicking on the desktop icon, in the Star menu, or doubleclicking the Acrobat.exe in the Program Files folder end up the same result: absolutely nothing happens.  Acrobat X Pro does not start up any more.


                        I checked the intallation date; yes, Acrobat became useless right after 30 days.  Excellent.


                        Any solutions?

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                          Jimbo7777 Level 1

                          I was able to get mine working again . . . I had to deactivate the whole cs6 package using Photoshop - Help - Deactivate - then I re-activated, again using Photoshop, and entering my serial number again, and now acrobat works. Not sure if I will need to do this every thirty days or not . . . . . I sure hope not.

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                            Mine isnt working either. REDICULOUS.

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                              billbyrnes@live.com Level 1

                              Thanks for the information. I removed and reinstalled the entire CS6 Suite. A real pain and very time consuming. If it happens again in 30 days, this is a quicker workaround. I appreciate your help.

                              Bill Byrnes




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                                Hi Bill - I think what Arpit needs to understand is that there aren't any symptoms. In my instance, nothing happens at all - no error messages - it simply does nothing. I found another board with the same problem and it's odd about the dates being in the last few days or so...




                                Uh... just took the time to check my install date... EXACTLY 30 days ago. WOW Adobe, pretty lame that you have such poor QA. This needs to be correct yesterday.

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                                  Same for me. Adobe Acrobat X Pro stopped working from one minute to the next, without anything fancy happening on the computer. Also almost 30 days after I first activated the CS6 license.


                                  Indeed, deactivating and reactivating the full CS6 package did the trick. I used Adobe Photoshop CS6 (64-bit) as the starting point: Help > Deactivate, then after restarting the application, I entered the license again. Now Adobe Acrobat X Pro is working again. Thank you for the tip, jimbo7777.

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                                    818g Level 1

                                    Yes, the deactivation/reactivation does the trick, Acrobat is running again.  Thanks, man.   Much faster and less painful than uninstalling/reinstalling the whole suite.

                                    It looks like there's a bug in or related to the timebomb function (at least on the x64 systems).  I just only hope that Adobe fixes this and we don't have to repeat this process every 30 days.

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                                      GvdK Level 1

                                      You got me started again too Jimbo! Thanks for the tip.


                                      I communicated this to Adobe techsupport in the case I had already opended regarding this problem.


                                      Regards all.

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                                        chrispopovic Level 1

                                        Deactivate, quit, relaunch, reactivate (after signing in with Adobe ID) fixed the issue. Took me less than three minutes.


                                        Way to go "818g" for the tip. Suck it to the Adobe ahole engineers that caused it in the first place and double-suck it for the days of bad advice given by adobe personnel on reinstalling.


                                        Power to the people!

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                                          piotrh01 Level 1

                                          Same thing here. Has anyone reported this problem?


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                                            I am having the same problems. I purchased the online CS6 Suite and my Adobe Acrobat X Pro will not open. What is the fix?

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                                              swakelam Level 1

                                              The Photoshop deactivate/reactivate under the HELP pull down in Photoshop thing works... again hopefully it won't have to be fixxed every 30 days.

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                                                Here’s another one. It happened to me just this afternoon. I opened a PDF and Acrobat X Pro closed itself within a few seconds. After that, Acrobat would never launch again.


                                                For me, it’s on a Window’s 64-bit machine. I could see Acrobat.exe attempt to load in task manager but then it would close. I never got an Acrobat screen, nor an error message. I tried restarting and repairing Acrobat without success.


                                                That’s when I found this thread through a web search. As suggested, I decertified Photoshop CS6 and immediately Acrobat X Pro was launching again. I’ve since recertified Photoshop and all remains working at this time.


                                                Thanks all!!

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                                                  But this fix is just temporary. The problem occurred again a few days later...

                                                  I hope Adobe will fix this once and for all soon...

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                                                    And for me, a Windows XP Service Pack 3 32 bit machine.

                                                    Thanks to jimbo7777 for being the first to figure out Deactivate/Activate worked around the problem.


                                                    A whole bunch of words that violate the Adobe terms of service of this discussion forum

                                                    have been deleted here - but I meant every one of them.


                                                    What a frustrating bug - the damned thing just silently exits, leaving the user to wonder

                                                    if they even managed a double click, never mind paid Adobe $600 for an update to get

                                                    the disease in the first place.


                                                    Thanks again to all who helped,



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                                                      I have the same problem. Since a few days ago my Acrobat or Distiller refuses to start. System: Vista, CS6. After reading a few threads it seems to be connected to 30 days after installing. It would be nice with a permanent fix since pdf-ing is a big part of work.

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                                                        ugeek1 Level 1

                                                        I am having the same problem. Adobe? Are you there?

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                                                          Jimbo7777 Level 1

                                                          Solution for Acrobat X in CS6 failure:

                                                          Open Photoshop and in the help menu deactivate your license. Close Photoshop. Open Photoshop and Reactivate your license. Acrobat will now open and work.

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                                                            ugeek1 Level 1

                                                            I think Adobe has changed their license engine mechinism or whatever... to support their cloud thing. I have an ordinary permanant serial number and it seems to me that what has happened is I am now running on a 30 day trial.


                                                            i.e I no longer see an ability to deactivate my license and use it on asnother PC. Sigh. Moderators... can you get adobes attention... is their an official post on the subject? Sure as hell I'll forget and be in the middle of something critical 30 days from now,,,, I will not be pleased. No sir, not one bit.

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                                                              ugeek1 Level 1

                                                              Arpit please see my post below. Same problem. Adobe CS 6 Master collection with a perminnent (not sub.) license on Windows 7 x64 all service packs.

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                                                                Same problem on CS6 Standard, Win7 64bit.

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                                                                  John Bertram

                                                                  I have exactly the same problem ... All components of CS6 were working perfectly until yesterday, when Acrobat and Distiller suddenly stopped working. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the entire Cretive Suite and get a message at the end of the installation that all components EXCEPT for Acrobat are installed and ready to use! Hugely frustrating!!

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                                                                    GvdK Level 1

                                                                    See previous posts about deactivating and activating the suite. That works, as a temporary solution. I gather Adobe will come up with a permanent solution.

                                                                    • 31. Re: Acrobat X Wont Start
                                                                      gary0a1 Level 1

                                                                      Deactivating sounds good. But... Mine is grayed out. Can't deactivate. This is ridiculous.

                                                                      • 32. Re: Acrobat X Wont Start

                                                                        Jimbo7777, you're a hero.


                                                                        Adobe people: you gotta fix this right away. You make products for designers: people with deadlines. This %$^ can put freelancers right out of business. "Yeah, I know you want this PDF but my Acrobat won't start due to some stupid license thingy." Which makes you look like a clown instead of a design professional.


                                                                        Glad that my most important deadline of this year was last week, and not this week.

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                                                                          Thank You jimbo7777, since this is a recent issue has anyone tried a registry adjustment on HKLM\Software\Adobe\Adobe Acrobat\10.0\Activation ? 

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                                                                            cpattersonv1 Level 1

                                                                            Come on Adobe?! Get your stuff together!

                                                                            This is all for not anyhow. It's not like people aren't creating fake copies out there and distributing them.

                                                                            Adobe, you are only PUNISHING YOUR MARKET BASE with BS like this.


                                                                            @CO2009 Disabling the activation key does not fix the issue.


                                                                            I just started having the issue today (couple hours ago).

                                                                            Exactly one month after I activated. The LEAST they could do is to pull my license key from my profile since I have to sign-in for that too.


                                                                            What a pain... just one more thing to remember. It's bad enough they quietly uninstalled Acrobat 9 to install the initially crippled version of X. I just needed to open a damn encrypted PDF... what a waste.


                                                                            Wasted a good couple of hours on this because I was installing other apps and creating firewall rules... thought I had blocked something... nope, just bad programming on Adobe's part. Somehow I'm not surprised.


                                                                            Vista 64 Business • AMD Opteron 4184 x 2 • 64gb RAM

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                                                                              Same Problem With Me

                                                                              • 36. Re: Acrobat X Wont Start

                                                                                Yep, same thing, upgraded from CS5.5 to CS6 a month ago, 2 days ago acrobat x stopped working, woudln't even load after a brief screen that said I would need reactivate

                                                                                acrobat x now working sweet as (?for how long) after I followed jimbo's fix

                                                                                but when I opened photoshop 64bit again it is only giving me a trial

                                                                                • 37. Re: Acrobat X Wont Start
                                                                                  Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

                                                                                  Adobe is investigating the issue ,


                                                                                  Please check this link :- http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/trial--1-launch.html

                                                                                  • 38. Re: Acrobat X Wont Start
                                                                                    cpattersonv1 Level 1

                                                                                    Excellent. I hope the solution won't involve uninstalling my cs5 versions of apps though.

                                                                                    • 39. Re: Acrobat X Wont Start
                                                                                      kellybellis Level 1

                                                                                      @ Manish-Sharma - That kb article is particularly lame since the aspects of "trial" are not visible... at least to this user - NOTHING is visible!


                                                                                      Acrobat doesn't launch.


                                                                                      On May 19th I downloaded and installed the update from CS 5.5 Design Premium to CS 6 Premium on my Win 7 Pro 64-bit machine.


                                                                                      On June 19th Acrobat X Pro died and with its passing we learn ...


                                                                                      We learn that even with CS 4 AND CS 5.5 (full extended Design suites still resident on my system) Acrobat in its earlier incarnations is AWOL.


                                                                                      Overtly doing a separate download and install (10.1.3) had no effect.


                                                                                      Doing the cache.db rename game (see @ 36. by Evadobe1 in thread http://forums.adobe.com/message/4504991#4504991)  that reportedly was dreamed up by Adobe as a work around only worked temporarily for a limited number of launch / exit cycles ... maybe about 6 or so cycles.


                                                                                      The only symptom which has presented has been the abrupt termination of the application functioning coincident with the expiration a 30-day period from installation of the CS6 upgrade.


                                                                                      So Manish-Sharma, I will happily try what Jimbo has outlined (http://forums.adobe.com/message/4492856#4492856) while we all wait for Adobe to 1) fix the problem and 2) deal with what will likely become a tsunami of complaints.


                                                                                      @ Jim - thank you


                                                                                      Kind regards,



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