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        poorpaddy Level 1

        I originally had this issue because I had CS5 with a stand-alone license for Acrobat X. But the deactivation and reactivation work. However on OSX, Acrobat is launching when a PDF's is opened but never actually opens the PDF. I have to open thefile via the menu system. Same goes for closing, it wont cloase the PDF by click the X button. I literally have to goto the menu system in Acrobat to close it. I think somehwere along the way it got corrupted. I've tried reinstalling several times now.

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          I've had exactly the same issue with Acrobat X Pro today. I followed the transcript Raghu - Matt.

          The issue seems to have been resolved now.

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            Tried this, worked once then failed to start opening again - 3 hours wasted of rebooting and repeating the process


            What a pieice of sh1t overpriced software - ADOBE YOU SUCK - in so many ways

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              Thanks - worked for me.

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                Thanks Matt, this worked great! We were experiencing a similar issue, but instead of Acrobat not opening at all, it would open for a few seconds but then the Adobe Software License Agreement would pop up and instantly close Acrobat. Clicking Accept would then open Acrobat back up, but 5-10 seconds later it would close, and the License Agreement window would popup again. It would just keep doing that in an endless loop. But your chat fix did the trick for us!!! Thanks again!!!

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                  RosaPerry Level 1

                  Thanks so much Amarita... followed through with instructions and fixed my problem with Acrobat X not starting!

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                    Are there solutions for my problem?
                    If I have installed only Acrobat X of the CS6, how to deactivate and reactivate the entire suite?



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                      zebra Level 1

                      On the Mac, in the applications folder are CS6 apps downloaded from Creative Cloud, and inside each products folder is that products uninstaller. That is the uninstaller I used the first time to remove Acrobat X Pro.


                      After removal by that means, Acrobat Application Manager was still verifying that my removed app was still installed. There was no way to reinstall (Acrobat).


                      What I was told by the chat tech I chatted with was to got to Applications > Utilities > Adobe Installers Which is from where he recomended I do all my uninstalls.


                      So, from there I clicked on Acrobat X Pro and followed the screen instructions.


                      When I then launched Adobe Application Manager, teh Install button next to Acrobat was active and I was able to reinstall Acrobat.


                      Because after removing a previous version of CS, my photoshop CS6 app was announcing a missing file and that I needed to uninstall and reinstall Photoshop - more an annoyance than an actual necssity since Photoshop CS6 was working fine despite the notification window alerting me to a missing file Photoshop needed to operate... Since the uninstall and reinstall of Acrobat went so well, I followed suit with Photoshop CS6, removing it from the Applications > Utilities > Adobe Installers folder. When I launched AAM, the install next to Photoshop was available. I downloaded it and intalled ... everything is working fine.

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                        It works temporarily... but then stops working 30 days later, as I have just found out.

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                          David__B Adobe Employee

                          For those experiencing this issue, Adobe has identified the problem and we are working on a permanent fix. This will be made available as soon as possible (hopefully by later today). One of the solutions discussed here was to delete the cache.db file. This is *NOT* a recommended solution. Please use the solution marked as correct on page one of this thread instead. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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                            Sandeep V. Employee Moderator

                            Adobe has fixed this problem. If you are facing the issue, you need to deactivate from one of the other CS6 products such as Photoshop (Help > Deactivate) then launch that product again and sign in with your Adobe ID. Acrobat shouldn't give you any trouble now.


                            Should you face any issues with this, please post back.

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                              john4243 Level 1

                              So... Here I am, back after another 30 day cycle! About 30 days ago I tried the deactivate/reactivate with assurances that I'd never see the problem again. Today I tried to open Acrobat X only to experience the exact same problem I had ~30 days ago.


                              Amrita: Please stop assuring us that the problem is really fixed if it actually isn't!!


                              Why are your legitimate, paying customers being punished by the methods you're using to stop software piracy?!? As a legitimate customer, I don't appreciate being punished for the crimes of others.


                              I used the deactivate/reactivate fix again today. For the moment, it's working again. But at this point I have ZERO confidence that I won't need to repeat this process in another 30 days.


                              Please get this problem fixed. Don't make me come back in another 30 days.



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                                RosaPerry Level 1

                                This is seriously bad...... cannot believe one pays so much for a product and not get the right fix for a problem.... I'm just waiting for my 30 days (after I did the supposed fix) to see what happens with my Acrobat X....

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                                  Will Adobe's solution address Creative Cloud subscribers as well? I'm experiencing the issue, but the "deactivate a separate product" solution is completely ineffective (and the cache.db fix, given to me by Adobe support, only fixed the problem for about 2 hours).

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                                    Amrita Chakrabarti Adobe Employee

                                    Hello dethousand,

                                    The acrobat not launching after 30 days is specific to the users who serialized their suite using a perpetual serial number at install time. It is not related to subscription users.

                                    So the workaround is for perpetual users. Can we have a connect session to look at your issue. I will send you a private message asking for your timezone and sharing  adobe email.

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                                      Aussie_leah Level 1

                                      I followed the steps stated in 46. mattlok1010's transcript, which is similar to the "correct" answer here. And it worked for a little while then stoped working again when I went to open another PDF.


                                      I re-read the answer and discovered:


                                      In case you still face a problem , try relaunching the other CS6 app once more and then launch Acrobat.


                                      This was an essential step for me as it completed the registration. As soon as I opened Photoshop, it came up with a bubble "registration complete" and Acrobat is working again.

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                                        Amrita Chakrabarti Adobe Employee

                                        Please do not delte the cache.db. That step will only complicate your problems. If ypou have renamed it...please restore it back and follow the steps that I have posted in the workaround.... I assume you have done that.

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                                          David__B Adobe Employee

                                          Also if you are a Creative Cloud Member, please ensure Acrobat X was installed through the Adobe Appplication Manager and that you are running the latest version from here



                                          Mac OS


                                          Note: This version is only available here has to be downloaded and installed manually

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                                            Jay Forte Level 1

                                            I'm having the exact same Acrobat issue for the first time. Unfortunately this is my second issue with the Creative Suite (the first was with Dreamweaver), and this isn't cheap software. CS5 was phenomenal, but I'm very disappointed with the quality of CS6. Hopefully I don't have to come back in 30 days and go off the deep end..... stay posted

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                                              MixManSC1 Level 1

                                              So 2 months later is there still not an actual fix for this that does not involve deactiviating some other unrelated product? I'm guessing since we are not "cloud" users that we have perpetual serial numbers. Being told to mess with some unrelated application to fix another just seems like the wrong way of dealing with this. How about instead of hacking the symptom, we get a fix for the problem in the form of an update patch. This has beeing going on for over 2 months now and the only "official" fix is to hack away at the activation of another program to fix this one and now we are told that is really only a hacked up fix for "cloud" users. What about those who dropped nearly 2 grand at once for this suite?

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                                                Since I'm posting here, not surprisingly I had exactly the same problem. Acrobat X Pro simply closed and would not launch again with no message at all. I deleted the cache files and managed to restart Acrobat X Pro right after that. It gave me an interesting option, you see the screen capture in the attachment. Although I could have the trial period extended to 32767 days (yes, that's the number) I decided to reenter the serial number anyway. So far it is working. The manace that we call copy protection rears its ugly head every now and then to remind the legitimate users what a nuisance it is to deal with it while the pirated copies probably run with no problems. Irony is unescapable!


                                                System: Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit, Service Pack 1, full updates, i7 X980 3.33 GHz, 12 GB RAM.



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                                                  keptlight Level 1

                                                  Well, it stopped working about 12 hours later again. Now, I chose to use it in trial mode for 32767 days and see what happens. This is a major nuisance Adobe. There needs to be an easy fix, better yet, preventing it from happening in the first place.

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                                                    keptlight Level 1

                                                    Nope, I had enough of clicking the Try button which kept popping up very frequently. Deactivated the suite, uninstalled everything, and reinstalled it again. So far Acrobat seems to work (but I had said that before :-(

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                                                      billbyrnes@live.com Level 1

                                                      The workaround fixed the condition on my computer. I am waiting to see if it re-occurs after another 30 days. Does anyone know if Adobe has or will fix this problem so that the workaround is not needed.

                                                      Thanks for your help.


                                                      Bill Byrnes

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                                                        frankgrimes Level 1

                                                        Had the same problem here. I upgraded from Design Premium CS5 to MC CS6 and Acrobat just decided not to work.


                                                        To fix it, I went into Photoshop, deactivated, reactivated, then went through the process again and now it works. We'll see for how long.


                                                        Another issue that really horks me off is I could not fully UNinstall CS5. InDesign remains. I also had a hard time uninstalling my separate license for AE CS5. Insane.

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                                                          This has to be sorted Adobe. The fix worked now 30 days later, guess what? No Acrobat!

                                                          • 86. Re: Acrobat X Wont Start
                                                            Iseverynameiwantgone Level 1

                                                            OK I have deactivated again and Acrobat is back - let's see how long for this time.

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                                                              KittyKitty Level 1

                                                              As everyone has been posting, I too am having the exact same problem. I believe that most of us are professionals and if I gave a client this type of service (not answering or fixing), I wouldn't have clients any longer. Unfortunately, we (me) are held prisoners by Adobe... so frustrating but can't do a darn thing about it. I can stomp my feet and scream at my computer, but nothing will change.


                                                              It really sucks and I don't have time for this. ARGGGHHH!!!

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                                                                MixManSC1 Level 1

                                                                After 30 days the "official" fix stops working yet again. On top of this there was a major quarterly patch update (10.1.4) for Acrobat which I just installed. I was hoping, really really hoping they fixed this idiotic blunder. Guess what...... cmon' guess. I think you all already know the outcome. IT IS STILL FREAKING BROKEN!!! So...... lets just keep de-activating some UNRELATED program that is part of the suite EVERY 30 DAYS and reactivating the the entire suite. What a massive steaming pile of awesomeness! I'm so excitied I can hardly contain myself! For $1900 I really sort of expect more. Maybe I'm just weird that way.

                                                                • 89. Re: Acrobat X Wont Start

                                                                  I'm so annoyed I just uninstalled Acrobat X and am installing Acrobat from my previous CS4 version.  I'm sure I'll run into some sort of incompatibility snafu but it's worth a try.  Adobe would do themselves a favor by discontinuinig this 'upgrade'.  No one should have to go through these monkeyshines to get a product to work.

                                                                  • 90. Re: Acrobat X Wont Start
                                                                    truly1234 Level 1

                                                                    Nope, had troubles re-installing Acrobat from CS4.  Installed Acrobat X again (twice).  Can now open it and I've printed some PDFs without crashing the apps.  I'm keeping Matt's fix handy, though.  What a colossal pita!

                                                                    • 91. Re: Acrobat X Wont Start

                                                                      same problem - will try posted "fixes" -

                                                                      • 92. Re: Acrobat X Wont Start
                                                                        frankgrimes Level 1

                                                                        I think this might be the curse of the even numbered suite because I'm experiencing unprecedented problems with other products, namely Flash.

                                                                        • 93. Re: Acrobat X Wont Start
                                                                          KittyKitty Level 1

                                                                          I did what most have suggested. Deactivated/reactivated. Everything working fine. For now.

                                                                          • 94. Re: Acrobat X Wont Start
                                                                            jefferyb27704479 Level 1

                                                                            Me too ... things seem to be OK ...

                                                                            • 95. Re: Acrobat X Wont Start

                                                                              Well, 30 days later and the same problem is back again!!!!  The fix is temporary as in 30 day temporary.  Way to go Adobe - now how about a real fix???


                                                                              As a side note - its also stupid that you can no longer drag a file into the adobe acrobat window to open it.

                                                                              • 96. Re: Acrobat X Wont Start
                                                                                keptlight Level 1

                                                                                I am not sure if everyone is using the same "workaround". I received specific, step by step instructions from a support person. It involved downloading a program and running it after deactivating CS6 products. After that I reinstalled all the apps again. Now, it has not been 30 days yet, I am not sure if my problem is solved. But it will be really helpfull if Adobe published this set of instructions for everyone to follow, which I suggested in my thank you note. If you have all used the same procedure, then I stand corrected.

                                                                                • 97. Re: Acrobat X Wont Start
                                                                                  jefferyb27704479 Level 1

                                                                                  Thanks ... I really glad to hear that I wil have to do this every 30 days! I wonder if anyone from Adobe monitors this forum ... HA HA

                                                                                  • 98. Re: Acrobat X Wont Start
                                                                                    David__B Adobe Employee

                                                                                    Its my understanding that the solution outlined here should resolve the issue permanently





                                                                                    If you've completed this solution and are continuing to experience the issue please post