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    Premier Media Cache Files eating up Drive Space


      Using Premiere Pro CS 5.5, Media Cache files are eating up the Boot Drive. I keep media and render files on 2 additional internal drives. When I tried to move the Media Cache files from inside Premiere Pro, it resulted in an inability to read the drives from the Startup> Computer menu on the Desktop. This window would open but it was blank  with green bar scrolling across the top (as though the computer was trying to read the 3 internal drives. I had to restore the System to correct the problem. How do I reset  the Media Cache files to my Render drive which has the most available space without causing a read system problem. When can one safely delete the Media Cache files?


      I was an FCP user and all we had to do was delete the render files and/or the media files to get space back. Never had a read system problem from it.