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    Acrobat x stopped working....


      A few days ago while viewing a .PDF Acrobat Pro X abruptly disappeared.  Since then, it will no longer start under any circumstance.  Win 7 x64


      Tried the following. 

         1.)  Control Panel, Programs, Programs and Features, Adobe Acrobat X Pro - English, Francais, Deutsch, Change, Repair.   - *No Change in Behavior.  Program will not start *

      2.)  Attempted the following suggestions found here:


         Solution 2 did nothing.  Solution 3 prompted me to enter my Acrobat X Pro serial number.  I entered my CS6 Master Collection serial number that was emailed to me by Adobe.  It told me I have an incorrect serial number and would not allow me to continue. 


      Adobe - I ask that you please look into this issue as soon as possible and post a fix.  I have almost 3 hours tied up into trying to resolve this issue as I can no longer open any .PDF file on my machine.  I also see countless other posts on the same issue with no permanent resolve. 


      Thank you.

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          I am actulay experincing the same issue on the exact same platform. I was in the middle of viewing a pdf yesterday, and it just died. Spent the rest of the day trying to figure out what the problem was.

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            raynestorm Level 1

            I also have the exact same problem on a Win 7 x64 system. I have the CS6 master collection. None of the posted fixes worked. Please post a fix soon.

            Thank you.

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              John _J_Woollett

              I have also just start experiencing the same issue (on Win 7 64 bit and Xp 64 bit)


              I have Acrobat 10.1.3 as part of Cs6 design standard (volumn licence)


              It is possible to "fix" the problem by deleting the cache.db file but you will need to re-enter your adobe password next time you start the application.


              But the problem returns and you need to repeat (very annoying)


              I've started using Foxit until Adobe can sort the issue.


              I hope 10.1.4 isn't far away.

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                Same problem- deleting cache.db fixes it temporarily but the problem returns.

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                  Thanks for the posts.  I too started having the same problem so I deleted the cache.db file.  I chuckled when it then worked but told me that my trial (I actually do own Master Suite 6)......


                  "Your trial will expire in 32767 days.

                  You can continue to use CS6 Master Collection after your trial period by purchasing the software"


                  Not too shabby getting an 89 year trial.   Shame I already bought it.















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                    matt.thomas Level 1

                    I'm joining the ranks - this morning, innocently tried to open an invoice... didn't open. Performed the usualls- reboot, check associations, ect. Tried to opent the program directly... nothing. Thought out uninstalling and reinstalling but don't know if I want go there just yet... I found this too:




                    Will search for more and try - will post if I find anything... odd that the dates are all recent...

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                      818g Level 1

                      The solution that Jimbo7777 suggested on the parallel thread does work:

                      • start up Photoshop
                      • Help/deactivate
                      • close application
                      • start up Photoshop or Acrobat (it is now running in trial mode)
                      • go through the activation process giving the serial


                      It's much faster and less painful than uninstalling/reinstalling the whole suite.

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                        Gregory Burns Level 1

                        Having this same issue both in my home installation and at work. Both Win7/64, same CS6 upgrade package. At home, after spending hours on the phone with Adobe reps killing off cache files and recreating them, I finally just use a trial copy (got 22 days left at this point). At work, I uninstalled and bumped down to an Acrobat 9 copy. Sigh. Adobe doesn't seem to be taking this very seriously. I've had a "case" open for a week now, and have been waiting for 2-3 days for them to respond to the last "help" I sent.


                        It's not like this is a $0.99 app on iTunes or anything. My employer's paid thousands over the life cycle of just Creative Suite versions keeping me up to date, and it doesn't appear that Adobe is even responding to these forum posts. I see this one started four days ago (I started having my problems last weekend).

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                          GLSwallow Level 1

                          I realize this may not work for all of us experiencing this problem but in my case, I re-entered my serial number and it stopped telling me it is a trial version.  My trial version had indicated I had 32767 days available at one point.  I have been "issue free" for 4 days now.  No guarantee it will last until Adobe works out the bug but good so far.

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                            Gregory Burns Level 1

                            Well, don't know that this will work for anyone else, or if it will work in my work environment, but it seems to have fixed my home installation:

                            1. Unistalled Win7/64 installation of Acrobat X.

                            2. Reboot.

                            3. Open Adobe Application Manager.

                            4. Choose to "install" Acrobat X Pro.

                            5. Enjoy. It never asked for my serial key (which was obviously good when I installed the CS6 package), and none of the CS6 apps are asking for it now, including Acrobat X.


                            I think I'm stable here at home. I'll check again on Monday at work and see if the same approach solves that problem.


                            UPDATE: Came in to work on Monday, did the same basic approach (uninstall the version of Adobe Acrobat I had rolled back to), rebooted, then used Adobe Application Manager to install Adobe Acrobat X. Again it did not ask for a serial key, and now the installation seems stable and working. Other Adobe apps also seem stable and working.


                            UPDATE #2: Un-f**king-believable. After several weeks of again working properly it's gone into the same tail-spin again. I'll try one of the other fixes on here this time, but do you think I'll buy CS7 when it first comes out? No f**king way. At least not for the first 6 months or so. I still can't believe that Adobe blithefully ignores this issue. A ton of pros use these programs, but my faith in Adobe's been shaken severely. Oh, and if it's a big surprise to anybody, it's been exactly 30 days since my last "fix" of this problem. I should be sending Adobe a bill. Or a refund request. Hey, maybe that'll give me something to do with all the time I'm NOT working.


                            UPDATE#3: Well, I tried the photoshop/deactivate/restart-in-trial-mode/reactivate dance of a thousand deaths, and it appears to be working. Wanna bet it goes south again in 30 days? But at least I'm back to working now <exasperated sigh>...

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                              billbyrnes@live.com Level 1

                              If Actrobat X was installed as part of CS6, it was reported in another forum that deactivitating CS6 from Photoshop and then reactivating the suite from Photoshop fixed the problem. The consensus was that this problem happens 30 days after installation and may be a licensing problem. We will have to wait and see if it happens again in 30 days.




                              Bill Byrnes

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                                LareeDraper Level 1

                                In case Adobe's counting numbers, I had the same problem this morning, CS6 Master Suite. I first tried rebooting then reinstalling. When that did nothing, I came online and found this. Deactivating through Photoshop did the trick. Thanks, folks -- I'm sure you saved me hours.

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                                  gary0a1 Level 1

                                  Deactivating seems simple enuff. BUT... I can't deactivate. The option is grayed out. Nice goind Adobe.

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                                    I'm not sure what the current situation is with CS6, but there was a limit on the number of times you could deactivate and reactivate your copy of creative suite, so this kind of nonsense could stuff you up pretty quickly if you use the same copy on your PC and laptop and they both have to be deativated and reactivated. My first CS6 acrobat X copy has bitten the dust, and I'm now waiting for the rest of the installs on our site to go down. Thanks adobe, I'm so pleased I upgraded all my working copies of CS5.5 to the fantasticly broken CS6.

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                                      Hello!!! The same bug-problem here... it's really annoying & disappointing the way it just stopped working Adobe Acrobat X Pro... Yet I've tried the solution 818g suggested & it worked but I'm not so sure for how long it's going to work properly... I demand like everyone else a prompt solution like making available an update (10.1.4) to fix this problem. I agree with Gregory Burns it's not a $0.99 app what we bought... I have the physical version of Adobe Creative 6 Design & Web Premium running on a Windows Vista Home Premium (64-Bits)...

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                                        I couldn't figure why I was having such a problem with Adobe Acrobat X Pro until I discovered this forum discussion. Thanks to 818g. It worked!

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                                          In case Adobe is counting numbers, experiencing the same issue here.


                                          Had Acrobat X Pro running in the morning but by lunchtime it wouldn't open at all. Running Windows 7, 64 bit. Will be deactivating / activating through Photoshop once I get the key-code from my IT guy.

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                                            rinchenkundrol Level 1

                                            Acrobat X Pro stopped working on my desktop (windows) machine in the last day or so, and while I was trying to figure out what to do about that I decided to uninstall CS5.5 since I had upgraded to CS6 a few weeks before and everything else seemed to be working nicely, except for this recent issue with Acrobat. Well, uninstalling CS5.5 also uninstalled Acrobat so I used my CS6 disc to reinstall it. Didn't have uninstall/reinstall the entire suite. I was asked to enter my current serial number and Acrobat X Pro seems to be working again.


                                            I'm crossing my fingers because my recent experience with telephone tech support (no longer in the USA) has been horrible (incompetent) and I have another different issue to work out on my laptop with CS6. And of course tech support wants to close that case and be done with me but my other problem isn't resolved. The good news is, Acrobat X Pro is working properly again on the desktop machine and that was a pretty easy fix. If I encounter any more problems with it I will post here, and probably be looking for more help.


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                                              I am a teacher using the CS6 version on Windows 7 64 bit. SO glad to see I am not alone on this issue. But really need Acrobat to work. I can view files in Reader - but that is not a real solution. It  needs to open.


                                              what ever update happened to this on Jun 22nd made the program inoperable.


                                              And G818's solution worked! thanks!

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                                                Adobe, where the hell are you?  I'm in the middle of a huge project and Acrobat stopped working.  I'm afraid of the solution that suggests deactivating Photoshop, since I need to do this on two machines and I know there's a limit on the number of times I can reactivate. 



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                                                  Bill@VT Level 7

                                                  My understanding is there is a limited number of activations that you can have active at one time, not a limit on the number of reactivations after deactivations.

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                                                    quazmatron Level 1

                                                    Looks like you are correct


                                                    They removed the deactivation limit in 2010

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                                                      HELP!!  This has happened to me today!!  Same platform, Window 7 x64.  My Adobe Acrobat X Pro in CS6 Master Collection isn't working!!!  After reading the issues here about deactiving reactivating through Photoshop I am worried about doing that.  Adobe, we need a patch or something to get this sorted!!

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                                                        Michaeltm Level 1

                                                        Same issue for me. Was working this morning now nothing.....

                                                        Also what's allways been a challenge in Acrobat is deleting a pdf is sometimes not possible after closing acrobat, unless you go into the task manager and end acrobat manually. For some reason Acrobat does not let go and likes to thinks it open even when closed.

                                                        • 25. Re: Acrobat x stopped working....

                                                          Me too.    Same problem.    Acrobat X Pro working fine, used often.    Yesterday, would not start up.


                                                          I was scanning forums and was offered "chat technical assistance" by Adobe.   I accepted.   Took more than 30 minutes but was effective.    "Savaran" (spelling?)  ultimately asked for "remote control" which I gave.   He deleted "cache.db"   Had to re-enter the product key.    Acrobat was working again.    All appears well.  I asked for an explanation of the problem -  "license corruption or cache.db problem" is what I got.   (I  have no knock on Savaran, he fixed a problem.)   


                                                          Entry 11 suggested a 30 day licensing issue associated with CS6.   I checked my CS6 Design Premium install date.   Exactly 30 days prior so...  


                                                          Will definitely try 7.818 if it happens again.   


                                                          Not being able to read/modify PDF's... that's a show-stopper in my work.

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                                                            rmloeb Level 1

                                                            Where, pray tell, does cache.db hide?  Scanned my entire machine and can't find it.


                                                            I'm on the road and don't have access to the serial number, so none of this will work until I get back to the office.

                                                            • 27. Re: Acrobat x stopped working....
                                                              BrightlandCo Level 1

                                                              On Windows 7x64, cache.db is here:

                                                              C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\Adobe PCD\cache


                                                              My solution until Adobe fixes this bug:


                                                              1. Delete cache.db and follow Adobe directions to get working again.

                                                              2. Copy the new cache.db to _cachegood.db.

                                                              3. Create a link on the Desktop to the above path.

                                                              4. Create a file in the cache dir: fixdb.bat. Edit and paste in this code, then save the file:

                                                              copy _cachegood.db cache.db


                                                              5. Each time the bug returns (and it will return frequently, perhaps every day), use the shortcut to get to the cache dir, then run the batch file.


                                                              Apparently this bug is not an easy fix: major flaw and hopefully a patch will be available soon.

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                                                                rrkaiser704 Level 1

                                                                On Windows XP SP3, cache.db is in

                                                                C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Adobe PCD\cache

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                                                                  Alperian Level 1

                                                                  This has happened to me also after the latest batch of 'infrastucture' updates today. I don't like it quitting without telling me why. then I had a (probably my new monitor?) unrelated crash which has purturbed me even more.

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                                                                    ben alors Level 1

                                                                    Same here... Two days ago, Acrobat suddenly stopped functioning. I do not understand Adobe not taking this seriously. I own a suite, it's not like I payed 0.99 for it. I hope the patch will be available soon since I work with certified documents that I have to be able to open even months later, sometimes over a year. If anything goes wrong here... I am very dissatisfied.

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                                                                      ada_mju Level 2

                                                                      I join you guys. I don`t remember since when, but my pdfs don`t open at all either. Even scanned documents as pdf do not open after all. No reaction.
                                                                      I`m Windows 7 64bit user with installed Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design & Web Premium

                                                                      It looks like I have to re-install Foxit again.

                                                                      Is here anyone from Adobe who can answer?

                                                                      • 32. Re: Acrobat x stopped working....
                                                                        ben alors Level 1

                                                                        The strange thing is that Desktop Search (searchfilterhost.exe) also has problems ever since this started. I keep getting an error message about memory not being read. It could be a coincidence but my machine has been a reliable and stable one until this strange Acrobat thing reared it's ugly head. I tried to reinstall Desktop Search but this did not solve the problem. The two seem to be going together, at least it seems so to me.

                                                                        I also notice that the Desktop Search problem seems to occur when I have a browser open. The browser uses the Acrobat plugin... I am not sure but could there be a relationship here? I don't want to cause confusion mind you, just wondering what the link could be.


                                                                        I use Bullzip printer to create PDF's since Acrobat would often crash when printing many pages, Bullzip works just fine. But since this problem, the PDF will not be opened after printing. The default setting is viewing in Acrobat and now that that is acting up, the printed file is very silent. Seems to me many processes are interacting here.


                                                                        This is a big problem. I hope Adobe will take this seriously and at least alert people that there could be a problem.


                                                                        I am interested to find out what we all have in common. Could there have been a bug in a recent update?

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                                                                          Gigi C

                                                                          I am having the same problem, Adobe Acrobat will not open any documents, it tells me it is a trial, I click on license product and get a thank you for your Adobe Cloud subscription... but then when I try to open a pdf I get the same message it just keeps looping from trial will run out in 7 days to trial will run out in 13 days and I can never open a pdf. It seems like this issue has gone on for months... it is July now, and still not a reply from any Adobe Help in this forum... going to try and uninstall and reinstall. For most of us, not being able to open a pdf is comparable to not being able to work. This is totally UNacceptable. Clients and bosses are counting on my being able to do my job, I can't say to them, "Oh well the dog "Adobe" ate my homework." PLEASE fix this Adobe! Thank you.


                                                                          Here is a screen shot of the messages...



                                                                          • 34. Re: Acrobat x stopped working....
                                                                            Gigi C Level 1

                                                                            Uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled from Adobe Application Manager, thought all was great when it asked for my user name and password, then when I clicked Launch... same issue. FRUSTRATING!

                                                                            • 35. Re: Acrobat x stopped working....
                                                                              Alperian Level 1

                                                                              Yes. This is recurring. This is maddening. this is unacceptable. Especially when I get one of those greedy get your free gift [which is usually as useful to me as a wheel on a walking stick] offers from adobe through acrobat and are sent to my profile for the 10,000th time and are offered nothing, before acrobat imposes industrial action again.*


                                                                              This even makes Microsoft competent and altruistic.


                                                                              *acrobat and adobe iare in lowercase intentionally: not a typo.

                                                                              • 36. Re: Acrobat x stopped working....

                                                                                I have the same problem too!.

                                                                                My PDFs don`t open at all. No reaction of Acrobat since 3 hours.
                                                                                I`m Windows 7 64bit user with installed Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design & Web Premium


                                                                                Adobe, please.

                                                                                • 37. Re: Acrobat x stopped working....
                                                                                  rmloeb Level 1

                                                                                  After much complaining, and some emails directly to Adobe execs, I got a call  yesterday from a most helpful (and very knowledgeable) Adobe support person.  There are multiple versions of this problem, with different causes, so it's difficult to create a "onse-size-fits-all" fix.  The root cause of one variant of the problem is that if you open CS5 after you have installed and opened CS6, the licensing information from CS6 gets over-written.  (CS6 uses a different licensing mechanism.)  The solution in my case was to uninstall Acrobat, re-install from the distribution media, open Photoshop (somehow triggers the licensing mechanism), then open Acrobat.  I got a delightful message, almost humorous, "Master Collection Trial -- You can try this product for 32767 days"  On the bottom of that screen there's a control "Licensing" that looks like it's grayed out, but clicking it produces a dialog asking you to enter the serial.  (When you re-installed Acrobat the installer already located the serial number, but the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.)  Entering the serial number got everything activated and (apparently) running just fine.  Note, however, that there are other variants of this problem, and that this approach may not work for you.


                                                                                  Incidentally, when Acrobat does "nothing," you can look in your %TEMp% directory and find amt3.log.  There's a bunch of cryptic stuff in here, but eventually you'll find where it couldn't find the license and decides to quit (without telling you).



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                                                                                    rrkaiser704 Level 1

                                                                                    Thank you,  Rog


                                                                                    Good work and good information.


                                                                                    Now, to Adobe...

                                                                                    You have a known problem

                                                                                    with severe effects... on people who rely on your products...

                                                                                    Why not post prominently what Rog posted?

                                                                                    Seems like a no-briainer...

                                                                                    if you want to give good - no make that - adequate customer service.

                                                                                    • 39. Re: Acrobat x stopped working....
                                                                                      ben alors Level 1

                                                                                      Thank you Rog, good work indeed and thank you for the information.


                                                                                      The ball is in Adobe's court now. I hope they will fix this since I can imagine quite a number of customers purchased CS6 as an upgrade instead as a full product. Let's wait and see.

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