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    Audio Intermittent In PP and Non-existent In Encore


      Using AVCHD files in a PP project.

      Both CS 5.5 and 6 have the same problem, sometimes the audio plays on preview and sometimes it doesn't.

      When exporting via dynamic link to either Encore 5.1 or 6 the audio plays for about half of the one hour presentation and then nothing.

      After burning to disk, both DVD and Blu-ray, the audio quits about half way through as well.

      The PP project is made of of four AVCHD files.

      I spent over 6 hours encoding the PP project timeline only to have it return a file corrupted error.

      I've been working on this simple project for over two months and nothing I've yet to try has worked out in a successful DVD or Blu-ray.

      Any hope?