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    Adobe Acrobat x Pro 10.0

    Anuradha.guruge Level 1

      We are going to use the Digital signature feature of Adobe Acrobat x pro 10.0 for students’ assignment. Once student done their assignments they send their work to their supervisors (internal and external) to comment and sign. If we are going to use acrobat x pro software to fulfil our task

      Do we need to buy digital IDs for this task ?

      Can we do this task by using creating self-signed digital IDs which do not require each  user to save a new self-signed digital signature each time.

      We would like to know what is the use of “Roaming ID” and   Roaming ID server?

      How can we set up a  roaming ID Server ? Can it be used by network and non-network users to digitally sign documents without generating a new signature each time but maintain the date and time stamp integrity?