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    CTI jumps around on play/pause

    davidbeisner2010 Level 3

      Not seeing any recent posts on this issue, so I'm wondering if it's just me or if it truly is a bug with CS6.0.0/1...


      When going through a timeline I'll often pause the playback (using the spacebar), use the mouse to scrub the CTI forwards or backwards to review a section, and then begin playback again (using the spacebar). Far more often than not, when I hit the spacebar to begin playing again the playback picks up from where it left off when I paused it, not from the new CTI location. I generally have to let the system sit idle for 10-15 seconds after manually adjusting the CTI in order for it to play from the new location. This is not only time consuming, it's very frustrating to have happen when the client is looking over my shoulder and wants to review the same segment several times in a row.


      Is this happening for others and/or is it a known bug in CS6 already?