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    Another possible bug using keyboard to save project?

    davidbeisner2010 Level 3

      Another frustration I've run into in CS6 is that I have the Ctrl+F > S keyboard shortcut for saving things ingrained in me from way back before Alt+S was a saving option. I've noticed in CS6 that if my active window in PrPro is either the timeline, the playback monitor, or the multi-cam monitor, I hit Ctrl+F and then S won't work... I have to follow it up with the enter key (S puts it on the right spot in the File menu, but doesn't actually cause a save to happen). However, if I'm on the effects panel, the project panel, or any other location in PrPro, the shortcut actually works. Is this a known bug in CS6? I suppose I could just learn the Alt+S shortcut (it's even shorter), but when you're a touch-typist like I am and have become used to a set of shortcuts, learning new ones is incredibly hard!