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    Was the Smudge Tool Changed?


      In Photoshop CS5 and under, the smudge tool at 100% Strength would drag pixels without smudging/blurring/mixing, creating this cool painting effect. Customizing the smudge tool with a bit of a textured brush shape and some scattering, with 100% smudging Strength would create this amazing painterly effect, but now in Photoshop CS6 the 100% strength does not work. In fact, it works much worse than 99%.



      As you can see, at 99% strength, the smudge does less blurring, and more dragging, which is almost as close as Photoshop CS5's 100% smudging strength( it hardly ever blurred or mixed, 100% would only drag in CS5)


      100% on CS6 does considerably worse dragging, and alot of blurring, and seems to only be a step above 90%, which blurs and mixes more.

      smudge problem.jpg


      I'm not sure if this is a bug, or if this was an intentional edit to the smudging tool. The smudging tool in the past was completely fine, and now I can't use my smudging tool presets because they do not create the same effects they did when I created them back in CS5.

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          As far as I know the tool hasn't changed.  You might want to double check the tool options settings on both versions.

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            somnixer Level 1

            I checked to see if there were new options or just options I've not seen yet for the smudge tool but it's the same. I also played around alot using the Brush Settings for the smudge tool and there's nothing that affects the drag or smudgeness of the tool. Even without any brush settings, or any other settings (for example, Mode, Sample All Layers, Finger Painting, and the Size Pressure button) the smudge tool will drag alot more with 99% than 100%.

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              rcraighead Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Thank you for documenting this. It is a serious problem that continues to be ignored by Adobe.

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                I have the same issue, how come it has changed, because it is obviously true that is has? In CS5 there were no fade out at 100%. Still can't use my favorite brush with mudge since nothing had been done in two years !!!!!!

                I know someone who won't to buy CC untill this bug is fixed.


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                  Hi there,

                  I have the same issue going on since Photoshop CS6, I am still on Photoshop CS5 at work, because of that exact issue. I don't know why this problem has been ignored by Adobe and carried on even to the latest CC 2014 subscription.

                  Apparently not many people use the smudge tool at 100% pressure. As a concept artist I practically use this feature almost on a daily base and I find it extremely useful - feel free to visit my portfolio: http://www.inetgrafx.com to see the smudge tool in action :-)


                  It would be very much appreciated if a developer could fix this tool as shown below:


                  in short: it works perfectly fine in CS5 and I wished I had exactly the same functionality back again for a future version of Photoshop,

                  For right now my work around is the use of a hard round brush and all settings disabled - maybe that would help someone who experiences the same.

                  Thanks a lot and best regards,




                  Daniel Kvasznicza


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                    inetgrafx Level 1

                    any updates on this? Can somebody confirm this tool behaviour?

                    Thanks a lot for your help,

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                      Aetus Level 1

                      I concur that at 99% the smudge tool works almost as expected. I've noticed that you can force it to smudge farther at 100% by pressing REALLY hard but I'm not carving up my tablet for Adobe's sake. I'm glad to see that it's not just me that's having trouble. Any updates?

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                        My smudge tool used to smooth things out or make fatter areas smaller. Now when I use the tool, the color changes instead of dragging the area I'm trying to smudge. Is there something I can do to change this back?