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    Can I import a website created in Muse?

    ddapkus Adobe Employee

      I've been using Adobe Muse and have had better success than with other web design tools. I'd now like to explore getting my site into CQ, but am worried about Typekit fonts and the likes transferring properly. Will it work?

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          Ryan Lunka Level 3

          I've not used Adobe Muse, so I can't speak to its functionality too much.  Theoretically you can import any site into CQ5, but it's not going to be a pleasant "click and go" kind of import.  CQ5 is a content management system that has a lot more complexity (and therefore flexibility) in what you can do, where it looks like Muse just creates static websites.  In terms of importing fonts/images/etc., CQ5 has the capability.  Anything you can do with HTML/CSS/JS, you can do with CQ5.


          Is this a one time thing?  It seems like the workflow from Adobe Muse to CQ5 just wouldn't be worth the effort.  What are you envisioning as a solution?