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    Title template menu

    bootsuk Level 1

      I have just installed Premiere CS6 from disc and cannot display the title menus correctly.


      Title/new title/title based on template.


      I cannot open anything underneath the position marked with the arrow.  The template screen changes when it is resized but whatever happens nothing will open below the red arrow. Also I assume the little button in the top R/H side should do something but that does not work either.


      Anyone had similar trouble?


      I have spoken to the so called new tech help which is now a disaster but after about an hour and a half they finally admitted they could reproduce the same thing.  However then all of a sudden they did not want to talk any more.


      Support is now absolutely useless as far as I'm concerned. No doubt to save Adobe money.

      I keep getting emails telling me they tried to phone me (with the correct number) but claim they could not get through.

      The same emails state the opening times as 05.00-19.00 UK time but was cut off just after 17.00.  Tried to call back get the first part of the recorded announcement then the phone cuts off.


      This is terrible service for a company that is supposed to be catering for the professional!title template.jpg

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          DaveTrayers Level 1

          I can't comment on the quality of Adobe support, but I'm getting a similarly corrupted screen.  You can only scroll down so far; you can't select the 'Wedding' folder.  If you resize the dialog box the scroll bar may disappear. Personally, I don't use the templates, so it's not a problem for *me*, but I can see where it's a problem for those who use them, and regardless, it's a bug.


          My screen grab:



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            bootsuk Level 1

            Yes thats it exactly.   Thanks for confirming it as a bug and not a quirk on my system.


            Yes I don't often use templates though possibly the weddings group would save a bit of time and I can't get to that.


            As you correctly say it is a bug in a very expensive piece of software with no as yet solution or it seems interest from Adobe.


            Support did not even seem to want to upgrade my report as a bug, I just got "is there anything else I can help you with today" etc.  Then goodbye.  Then constant emails telling me they are going to keep the case open for a few days.

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              DaveTrayers Level 1

              As a work around, if you want to see what is in the Wedding folder, there is a sub-folder named 'Hands' and under that several templates.  To get to them you cannot use the mouse.  Instead, use the arrow keys on your keyboard.  Select on of title folders you can see, like Travel.  Then arrow down to Wedding, then RIGHT arrow to open Wedding, then RIGHT arrow again to open Hands.  You can continue to right arrow or down arrow to see the templates under Hands.


              As an alternative, you can import the PRTL files from the "Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS6\Presets\Templates\Wedding\Hands" folder on your system.  Once imported, you can duplicate one then edit it to your liking.  It's just like starting from a template.


              Yes, they should address the bug, and I'm sure Adobe will, but in the mean time you can use the above methods to get to the templates.

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                bootsuk Level 1

                Thanks Dave


                At least I can get to them now.


                Still very annoyed with Adobe though.  (not just for this bug)