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    Autosave & crashing


      I'm in windows version of Premiere Pro CS6. I'm not sure there's a connection,but I have found some discussion about autosave not working as designed. This I have observed myself. It's nice that autosave doesn't now stop your work, but your work now stops autosave!


      Anyway, I've had a couple of crashes that bring the system down with a snap to totally black screen and then reboot. Lost a lot of data because I thought autosave was working and when I went looking for copies the folder was empty. Can't say exactly what I was doing when it crashed, but mostly cutting, pasting, ripple deleting, etc. in timeline. I'm loving the program overall, but hope Adobe will keep working on the bugs. In the meantime, I've turned off autosave off and am saving manually every few edits.If that doesn't solve the crashes I post an update.