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    Problems exporting Interactive PDF

    Asia123B Level 1

      Ive been reading several post with other people that is having the same issue that i am having and none of the suggestions are working for me. I’m making an interactive document. I have put two f4v files in and one SWF file. I also have a few animations (InDesign Animations) in there. When doing an interactive PDF, in order to get your animations to work you have to export as a SWF file. (Done) then you have to bring it back into indesign and paste the SWF file in a blank document and then export to interactive PDF. (problem) When I bring the SWF into the new blank document none of my animations that are SWF and F4v are working. The only one that work are the indesign animations that I set up.


      Another solution I have tried: So instead of exporting it as SWF the first time I export as Interactive PDF, all of my f4v and SWF files work. Now the indesign animations do not work.


      I have tried everything. Resizing them or taking them through Media Encoder.Still have the same issue.