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    Windows 7 and Elements 2.0?


      Hello there! I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium and I'm dying to get my Elements 2.0 on this laptop, but it won't let me. Autoplay doesn't autoplay, which is fine, because when I go in and open it, it welcomes me, asks my language, then gives me an option to install Elements. When I click it, the computer thinks a bit, the waiting circle spins by the cursor, and then...nothing. I tried getting Windows to run setup.exe and autoplay.exe in compatibility mode but neither worked, and I can't find how to run the whole laptop in compatibility mode, though I've been told that doesn't work on Home Premium? Any help is greatly appreciated...I've tried Elements 3 and 5 and hated them both; I miss 2.0!! Thanks!

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          Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

          It should work on windows 7 as long as your hard drive is not bigger than 1 tb.


          I suggest you copy the cd contents to your hard drive and then find the folder called Photoshop Elements, look for the installer.exe and right click on that and choose Run As Administrator.

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            I have 2 computer, which are identical. Lenovo 500 both running Windows 7 64-bit.


            On my first pc I managed to install Photoshop Elements 1 in January 2013. Now I want to uninstall it on this pc and install it on my second pc, which I set up 2 months ago.

            Strange enough the installer tells me that it needs at least Internet Explorer 4?!  


            But I have a even newer version of IE than v4!!! Does it work with IE9 but not 10?


            My question is: I still have Photoshop Elements installed on the other pc. Is there a way to copy prgram files, registry keys etc. to the other pc as a workaround? Or is there a way that works to make the installation work?

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              Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

              Tha same applies to pse 1 as far as the hard drive size needing to be 1 TB or smaller.


              On windows 7 with ie 10, you would need to downgrade sorta speak to ie 9, install pse 1 and then upgrade back to ie 10.


              You can do that by going to Turn Windows Features on or off and unchecking Internet Explorer 10.


              Then after installing pse 1 go back and check Internet Explorer 10






              There is really no need to unistall pse 1 from your other computer, since your allowed to have pse 1 on two of your own computers.

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                Pito Level 1

                Thanks R_Kelly, but this was only half way to the solution.


                Additionally, I had to go to Windows Security settings, deactivate automatic updates and uninstall IE10 update.


                Then I had to download IE9, install it, start it one time and then I could install PSE1.

                Afterwards I reactivated automatic updates and IE10 was installed again.


                Now it works fine!

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                  Mike__B Level 1

                  YES! Worked fine for me too. I would merely add that it's a tedious process owing to all the restarts required, and having reset everything back to auto updates I found that IE10 (and in my case IE 11) were to be found under "optional updates" as they dont install automatically it seems.

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                    I have the same problem. I unchecked IE11 and tried to install IE9, in order to install PSE1 on my new computer. But the download doesn't finish installation, claiming that IE9 is already in the system, although it doesn't show up in 'search'.

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                      tomasR Level 1

                      Ok I found it. Uninstall IE11 (including updates), download IE9, then install PSE.