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    How To Work Smarter With Preset Adjustment Layers ?

    Simon J.A. Simpson Level 1

      Photoshop CS5 (maybe CS6 too ?)


      From the ‘Adjustments’ panel I often use a preset Adjustment Layer (I’ve saved some of my own in here).


      I click on the preset adjustment layer I want and it appears in the Layers panel with a generic name ‘Curves [X’] or ‘Levels [Y]’ or whatever.  How many times have I had to type in the preset’s name, the name which is already in the preset list (rhetorical question – loads).


      Here's an example:

      I insert a single preset layer into the Layers panel.  In the preset list it already has the name “Compensation for Printing”; when it arrives in the Layers panel it is given a default name “Curves [X]”.  I then have to type it’s name “Compensation for Printing” into the Layers panel.  It would be more helpful, and time saving if, instead of having the name “Curves [X]” it had the name “Compensation for Printing”, already entered as the layer’s name.


      So (to labour the point) wouldn't it be cool if, when you clicked on the preset adjustment layer, it arrived in the Layers panel with it’s name already entered.  Or maybe we could have this as an option?


      So if CS6 cannot do this, which from the Photoshop forum it appears not, could this be made into a ‘feature’ in a future update of Photoshop.  A small thing I know but very useful.  Would be awfully nice.


      Best wishes to all.